Random Thoughts

This morning I thought why am I not blogging? So here I am blogging. Suddenly so many thoughts started coming to mind, and I was not sure where to start. Suddenly I remembered the first ever Cricket test match I had seen at Brabourne Stadium. It was in 1958 November (I hope I am right). I was 9 years old and had gone there with my uncle. I had never been into such a crowd, but I dissolved pretty quickly.
I did not know then who Gary Sobers was neither done I know about Poly Umrigar nor about Gilchrist. But I remember the smooth action of Atkinson and Bapu Nadkarni. Ferocious hitting of Gary Sobers.
I remember eating ganderi (peeled Sugar cane cut to small pieces) boiled groundnut pods (salted) and assorted stuff. I also remember the support from the crowd when tiny Ramakant Desai came in to bowl.
Last test match I saw was at Wankhede when India beat Australia in the 2004-2005 series. I was 55 then, but I enjoyed the match equally. I definitely missed the ganderi and ground nuts ( probably I had moved over to eating packed stuff which was just OK). Equally enjoyed the crowd support when Australians ran in to bowl to the Great tiny Sachin; what a sight it was!!
At the time of West Indies match I hardly was into defeats and victories, but now it was different and how I enjoyed it. The match ended on the fourth day and how I danced with the crowd!