Thanks MOM!

My mother was a simple lady with a zest for life! For me, the youngest of the siblings, she was, well, greatest mom on the earth. She was a house wife, never went to college after school (She completed her SSC with my elder brother!!) and had interest in everything.

She was an avid reader and her list included marathi magazines, newspapers,english and marthi novels and ahmm.. Mills & Boon. I had asked her once how come she was interested in Mills & Boon and she replied that because of her early marraige she never had opportunity to read such stuff and she really enjoyed it.

She had a group of friends who would meet every morning in a garden. They would excercise a bit, say prayers and would await a speaker for the day. They would invite doctors, engineers, accountants, judges and so on. Their requirement was simple, ” tell us something on your subject of expertise in the language we understand”! After the speech they would ask questions and discuss the subject further.

She was a very keen watcher of Cricket, Football, Tennis. The day before she died, I was sitting with her in the hospital. Luckily she did not have any inkling of her imminent death the same night. This was in 2003 and Cricket world cup was going on. She told me ” Now that I will go home tomorrow morning, can you please be at home so that we can watch New Zealand India match together?” I said, “of course” but …..

She had another group of friends which met thrice a week to play rummy and the per point amount was ten paise. Who ever won would get chocolates with that money the next time they met. She also had one more group who would meet once in a week and sang bhajans together!

She lived alone till her death but would want to try different food stuff when she came to stay with us. Her favorite stuff was pizza!. ( In India few from her age group woould venture into Pizza but not my mother)

When we travelled on a holiday she would plan weeks in advance what to do, where to go and so on. She was not very strong but her enthusiam would see her through.

She would get friendly with other people very easily and would like sharing things with everybody. She had great humility and empathy for others.

She was never rich, never owned any property but was a billonaire with her zest for life. Thanks mom for teaching me how to live life with zest , humility and empathy.


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

One thought on “Thanks MOM!”

  1. Read the blog about your Mother today(incidently on Mother's day!!)I am having the same image of her in my mind as you narrated…her humility and empathy …as you said rightly, is experienced by all of us .

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