When there is nothing to write

I am not a natural writer but when I start writing, words usually flow. But sometimes the mind just stops working in “literary mode”, like it has today. How does one’s mind work? It is the greatest unsolved mystery and I am 100% sure it will never be solved.

Here is one thought I am putting forward. A couple of months back, we had some guests at home. I had coffee with them at around 11 pm. After the guests left, I went to bed or rather I tried to go to bed. I just could not fall asleep, maybe caffeine had taken over. Today my mind is working on idling and the other day it was working at turbo speed!

On that day my mind was working on over drive; every few minutes new thoughts were coming to my mind. I was tossing and turning for one and half hour. The speed with which my mind was working was unbelievable. What is it that makes ones mind work furiously? What is it that puts mind on idle?

This brings to mind two people whose mind was so strong that they overcame very very high odds.

Churchills mind was so strong that at beginning of World war II, he had made up his mind that he will overcome all odds and make sure that allies will win. The odds were so much against Churchill, still his strong mind never wavered and rest as they is history.

My friends I will tell you about US Admiral Stockdale. He was prisoner of war in Vietnam for eight years. He was brutally tortured many times. But his mind never wavered from the thought that ultimately he will be released. His mind prevailed over the situation. When he was asked how he managed this, he said

“Retain faith that you will prevail in the end regardless of difficulties AND at the same time confront the most brutal facts of current reality, what ever they maybe!!”

Some individuals or sport teams play brilliantly on a day and just crumble the next day.

Is it mind over matter! My friends please give me your take.



Osama is dead! May God bless his soul!
Many of you may be wondering how I can request the God to bless his soul. One needs to look at these things in proper perspective as human beings. Yes Osama was a big killer. He organized lot of massacres of innocent people. But in the end he was a human being with a very very different thinking. He ate and slept like us, breathed like us, had his family and children. But he was closer to animals in the jungle in his thought process than to us humans.

I appreciated when many people lit candles at ground zero; I am sure people prayed for their loved ones, some of us expressed relief that Osama was finally dead as we were not sure what bad things he would attempt.

But to celebrate his death is really not the way. What is the difference between Osama and persons celebrating the death? Is it not an animal instinct to celebrate a death? Are humans animals? I am not too sure now.