Few of my favourite things!!

I was lazing around on a Pune rainy day, and suddenly a thought came to my mind what are my favourite things and here goes the list
1 Lazing around on a Pune rainy day munching on bhajiyas with a hot cuppa
2 Watching Sachin bat
3 Snugly sitting with my grandson Suyash, listening to his discourse on everything under the Sun
4 Sitting with friends and chatting

5 Listening to “Abhi Na Jao chodkar….!


6 Listening to ” Jindagi ke safar mein gujar jate hain ….!


7 Listening to ” Sapany mein sajanse do batein….!


8 Remembering the olden days when we used to play table tennis in Mumbai Police club with the gang; playing all day from one side with the rule “Winner to stay”
9 Remembering walking back home from school in Mumbai during heavy rains and mini flooding of roads
10 Eating only batata bhaaji (and no Puri) at Kulkarni’s opposite Ram Mohan school Mumbai (is Kulkarni’s still around!) while in school
11 Breathing the Khandala ghat breeze in monsoon travelling by train
12 Eating early morning breakfast at COEP mess with Vinya Medhekar (hey Vinya let us do it again)
13 Remembering practising for one-act plays/dramas in COEP (where I met Jaya, my wife)
14 Watching office gang come up with a beautifully simple solution for a complex problem
15 Watching my dentist daughter behaving at one moment like a kid and next moment like the professional she is
16 Watching elegant oratory of Jaya, my wife
17 Remembering my English teacher Mr Mayekar in his finest dhoti and graceful handwriting
18 Remembering my father’s crisp and swift decision making on everything
19 Watching billiards world champion Wilson Jones show his tricks at the Police club
20 Wahida Rehman…..
21 My walks at Pune University with Suresh Ratnaparkhi (at high speed like his fighter jets) and Nilubhau Damle (meandering like a big river on the plains)
22 When all loved ones meet together to celebrate a birthday at home
23 Watching my son Sachin laughing heartily ( and his son too!)
24 Watching a child growing in front of me, my dear Lolo
25 Post monsoon drive from Pune to Mumbai
26 Birds chirping
27 Mother cat teaching the kittens “how to catch prey.”
The list can go on and on….. I should add “making a list of favourite things” to the list!!
Ciao folks!! Send me your list of favourite things

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