Anna’s Lokpal Bill

Anna wave or storm has hit India. At last something has started stirring people to think. I hope its effect is like a tsunami and it just throws aside or sinks corruption. But it is not as simple as that. Nothing in life is!!

If someone thinks that India is going to change overnight by Anna’s fast at Ramlila or where ever, they are sadly mistaken. Anna is a force that is showing us the way but its a longhaul for all of us. What was discussed all these days on TV by the gliterrati and by you and me over a glass of what ever poison we like, has come out in open. The common man is now discussing these things over a cuppa, at the thela!! The common man has finally realized that there is something definitely wrong with our society. Hopefully the scepticism is going and blaming the karma will also go over a period.

He or she is hoping that the magic wand that Anna has will change everything when they get up the next morning. No it is not going to happen that way. It is for you and me to make it happen. We will have to discard a lot of things that are embedded in our DNA.

Here is the magic  potion that we should create and drink (like they do in comics) to make things happen.

First and foremost take an oath that I will never give or take a bribe. (Oh my god! I thought I was not a problem,  yes you are, all of us are!!) Sounds very tough but this has to be done. Like charity the change also must start with you. If one is not true to oneself how we can blame others. Corruption is both physical as well as in mind. We need to tackle both these corruptions.

When you go to an office for some work, talk nicely to the person you meet and speak to the point. If he throws obstacles at you tell him that you are going to meet his boss and meet the boss!! If you reach a dead end, now days there are enough news papers which want such stories, go to them and let me tell you they will publish your story. But dont take this route just for the heck of it, do it only if it is a genuine issue. This method can be used in your day to day dealings too.

If for some mistake of yours a policeman stops you and you think you are right, politely but firmly argue with him. But if you are at a fault please pay the fine and do not bribe him ( you have now taken the oath!)

A society in which there is day to day corruption, is the one that is most difficult to correct. When we go to rationing office, we have to pay Rs.100/ for getting some small thing done when it is our right, that person in that office does our work. We get a good road with a neat foothpath; next day there will be hawkers on the foothpath and no authority will bother them (because they take cuts from these hawkers). We need to change such things. Lokpal bill is not going change this, it is you and me who have to change these things.

We are on the road and late for a destination. What do we do? Blatantly pass thru Red signal! You are at a signal, there are ten seconds for green light. Suddenly 30/40 % people will decide to pass thru the red signal. We should change this. Lokpal bill is not going to change this!

We reach a signal and stop. Suddenly windows are down for many cars and people start spitting! This is mental corruption. We need to stop this.

Go to a railway station; you will see people crossing the tracks. I can never understand how people are not bothered about their own lives. This is mental corruption.

All over the world there is corruption in large deals. The deal maybe for Planes, Ships, Weapons and chances are that in most of them there will be cuts involved. Generally in such deals if value of the contract is X for a quality Y, then deal maybe made for X plus 10% for quality Y.

But take cases that happen in India where the deal in which value of contract is X  for quality Y, deal maybe settled for X minus 30%, for quality Y minus 50%. Amount spent will be X minus 60%! This means that somebody takes a cut and that too for extremely inferior items supplied! Imagine that this is done in life saving drugs where people can die! We need to kill this corruption first and foremost; these people are killers!

My dear friends, we are lucky to have Anna amongst us. He is showing us the path, he is our light at the end of the tunnel. Please take this opportunity and try to change things in a small way. Hundreds of people doing this small change can turn the tide of bad things that are blatantly done in our Bharat desh. But remember that it is you and me who are going to change things and not the Lokpal bill!!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

2 thoughts on “Anna’s Lokpal Bill”

  1. These days corruption has become a buzzword. The youth of India are seeing the corruption as the biggest hurdle in the development of nation. The present generation of India has been brought up in the environment of corruption.Their lives’ important lessons have been tuted by corrupt environment and system. They know how to get a driving license issued in a fortnight, passport issued without verification, voter I card; ration card and even railway tickets are issued with the use of jacks beneath ordinary efforts. So as you rightly said this movement should start from common man.. from us..

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