Heil Anna!!

Before you lynch me for the worst sin “Talking against Anna” let me tell you that I am very happy that we finally have someone who is talking against corruption and doing it persistently. I am not talking against Anna but giving reported staements verbatim.

Normally it is fashionable to talk on such subjects in Five Star environments or TV shows maybe followed by Coktails and Dinner. Anna has brought this out to street level which a great achievement.

The title only reflects the reaction to the statements. It does not reflect my opinion on Anna but I hope the Anna team shows some humility in future.

  1. Anna is India and India is Anna
  2. Lokpal bill lao ya jao
  3. I will leave Ramlila ground only after Jan Lokpal bill is passed
  4. Why has Delhi corporation not kept Ramlila ground clean after rains? Only 70000 people were there on the ground!
  5. How could you arrest Anna? (The law should have been changed, maybe!! Remember that Indira Gandhi our mere ex prime Minister was arrested and jailed by Janata Govt during her Satyagraha)
  6. I don’t believe in Govt, they will not pass the bill
  7. Anna needs to fast even when there is Red Alert declared in Delhi for 15th August
  8. Even if Prime minister comes I will not withdraw my fast until Janlokpal bill is passed in Parliament. I can die but I will not bend

Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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