Mother of All mothers!!

I read a comment by an Indian about noise pollution during Diwali!! I 100% agree that nobody really cares about the noise in India. I read this comment on Facebook.

But based on that comment another person commented, “I hate every single day or moment in India!!”

Wow, I really enjoy such comments. The second person to my knowledge has spent all first 25 plus years in India and has moved to the USA recently. I am really amazed that people hate the place where they are born and brought up.

What was that person doing in India all these years? Why hang around in the place one hates? The person forgets that India has “made” them.
What has India done for such persons?
  • Give them primary education almost for FREE
  • Taught them to respect others and elders
  • Has provided a culture where it is challenging to become an addict of bad things because of culture at home. Let me tell you this person is a cultured person.
  • Taught them patience, humility
  • Showed them to manage within means (no subprime issues!!)
  • Provided them best possible weather (Oh I hate the Sun! Talk of this after staying in Boston)
  • Taught them how to live in democratic anarchy
  • Showed them what free world is
  • Taught them how to keep things working even though outsiders feel that they are not working
  • Taught them to create corrupt politicians (Which country does not have corrupt politicians?)
  • Taught them how to put them in jail
  • Showed them to survive as a country with more than one billion people
  • Given to them worst possible infrastructure and is struggling to become world class
  • Has overcome communal violence where 180 million Muslims live in peace with 800 million-plus Hindus
You don’t HATE your parents because they are not world class! You don’t HATE your parents because they make noise while eating! You don’t HATE them because they burp.
What have you done to help your parents to become world class? What have you done to reduce noise pollution during Diwali? Have you ever done anything for your motherland?
Don’t forget that your motherland is your mother’s mother!! She will forgive you all your utterances and deeds. She is, after all, mother of all mothers!! She has large enough stomach to gulp all such thoughts and statements and gulp them.
And on top of that, she will bless you to prosper where ever you are!! (and become world class- she has made your basics strong isn’t it?)
God bless all such children of India!