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AAP jaisa koi, Jindagi main aye!

The title of this musing is first line of a Hindi Movie song; it means if someone like you comes in my life, my life will be made! AAP now also has another meaning. It is an Indian political party … Continue reading

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Get Lost!!

I was all twenty-four years old and in my second year of career in an engineering industry. It was Diwali time. Our Chairman called me to his cabin one day and said, “Please go to so and so organization. Meet … Continue reading

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Refreshed Mind?

My last couple of blogs were published recently. These were really old ones but I hit the Publish button recently. What happens to our mind suddenly, I wonder! I just did not write anything. So many things come to mind … Continue reading

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Self Discipline! What is that?

Why as a society we Indians do not have self discipline? Does it go back to times when Man lived in stone age and everything was available in plenty? Everything includes space (there was no need for individual space in … Continue reading

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