AAP jaisa koi, Jindagi main aye!

The title of this musing is the first line of a Hindi Movie song; it means if someone like you comes in my life, my life will be made! AAP now also has another meaning. It is an Indian political party that has risen very rapidly in a couple of years. ( This is for non-Indians) It is Aam Admi Party, the party of/for the common man! Common Man is now singing the same tune with a slightly different meaning. He feels that if AAP comes in power, all will be well in India! All corruption will be washed away, and collateral benefits (not damage) will be inflation will go down, the common man will be much better off much faster and so on. This idea has caught up imagination with people like Rajeev Bajaj, Capt Gopinath and many have others have openly joined/liked the concept with lacs of ordinary people.

Arvind Kejriwal the force behind this had done a terrific job of marketing, and the idea is really grand. AAP

In his book, Kejariwal has written

“Is democracy all about casting your vote once in five years and then letting these parties and their leaders rule the roost? This cannot be a democracy. There is something wrong somewhere. The basic problem in our country is that there is no democracy. We want democracy. The politics of voting once in five years is no longer acceptable. The people want direct participation in power. The people shall take decisions, and politicians and officials will have to implement them.”

I will be the last person to praise our current democratic system especially after what we have seen in the previous few days in parliament. We definitely need alternate methods of running a democracy. But does this mean what happened for “49 days” run by AAP government in Delhi is right? There is an example mentioned that in Switzerland if 50000 people sign a petition and give to government, it can be converted into Law! We should not forget that most of the countries in the world are homogeneous in their demography. In India we have so much diverse and heterogeneous population, everything and anything can be tricky. What they do in Switzerland cannot be directly applied in India.

How proper direction can be given to this movement? Is this movement only North centric? I do not see so much support for it in other parts of India. What signals have gone to people with “49 days” government-run by AAP in Delhi? People feel that there is no difference in the so-called old parties and THE party. How long will it take for our society to find the “right way” of running democracy for India? How much churning will be required? Do people like Bharti help AAP cause? Just because someone was a TV anchor can he become Spokesperson for the party? Who should be driving this movement?

One thing is for sure all decisions cannot be taken by AAP way of democracy, ie people’s democracy. I will give you an example. A young couple in Bengal were in love and wanted to get married. They were from the different community. When villagers found this they took the girl away, “10/12 of them RAPED her”, then the couple was tied to a tree at night. Just to teach them a lesson. Wow! What an experience? Who will look forward to such TEACHERS? This was democratic justice from their point of view!!

How will India grow if people without knowledge start making allegations against Ambani and Moily? Again they are not Saints, but those making allegations about Gas Production etc. are also not experts. Ambani’s will overcome these things but will foreigners bother to invest in India with the atmosphere?

AAP if they come in Power should do the following.

They should have a minister for allegations
They should also have a minister for street protests and so on
They can also have if they think necessary, Finance Minister, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and so on

What I mean Prime Minister should NOT be in-charge of protests and Finance Minister should not in-charge making allegations against large businesses. All work should be done by respective experts! So why not Rajeev Bajaj for Prime Minster!

Then maybe I will also sing the tune “AAP jaisa koi, Jindagi main aye!” maybe daily!!


Get Lost!!

I was all twenty-four years old and in my second year of career in the engineering industry. It was Diwali time. Our Chairman called me to his cabin one day and said, “Please go to so and so organisation. Meet their GM and give him best wishes and a small Diwali gift.” One of my colleagues Kumar also accompanied me. We drove about 60 km in the afternoon to reach the destination, had a great time as any 24-year-olds will have!

We reached the destination and went to GM’s office. As smart kids, we announced ourselves to the GM. After 15 min we were invited in his cabin. We introduced ourselves. He asked for the purpose of our visit. We said that we had come to wish you a Happy Diwali. After that, we offered him the gift. The situation at that moment changed so drastically that we were shocked. He looked at us sternly and said ” Get Lost! What do you think of yourselves? Why have you brought this gift? Wishing Happy Diwali is fine.”

Kumar and I both were perplexed and did not know what to do. But we stood our ground. Finally, when we got a chance to speak, I said ” We were working under the guidance and have understood your thought process. We sincerely apologise!”.

The Boss cooled down and said ” Young men, your boss knows that I do not like gifts! I was not upset with you. What would you have tea or Coffee?”

With this, the episode ended with one good experience in life. Do not budge if you are not at fault!

Refreshed Mind?

My last couple of blogs were published recently. These were ancient ones, but I hit the Publish button recently. What happens to our mind suddenly, I wonder! I just did not write anything. So many things come to mind but bringing this thing on a piece of paper probably needs a fresh memory.

How our mind becomes fresh? Is there any trigger? Are there any events which kick the urge to write, to the top of the hierarchy of to do things in life? What does writing to do to our minds? I generally feel refreshed after I write something. But the exciting part is if you are fresh then only you feel like writing. It is a chicken and egg situation.

There is a possibility that if one has gone through some very joyful events or stressful events, an urge to write is created. In my future blogs, which I hope will be reasonably regular events, I want to share my experiences, feelings, thoughts with all. Let me see how successful I am in doing this.

Self Discipline! What is that?

Why as a society we Indians do not have self-discipline? Does it go back to times when Man lived in the stone age, and everything was available in plenty? Everything includes space (there was no need for individual space in those days, it was available anyway), food (was it really in plenty). Was the human race indisciplined because of plenty?

Or the main reason is the British Raj? Indians wanted foreign rulers to go away. With that aim, we started defying anything that was “Official”. Indian mindset was moulded to break the rules rather than following the rules. But come 1947 and the need to defy everything “official” had gone but we continued our old ways because it is easy to do what comes to your mind. We love a song, and we will play at the loudest possible volume. A law makes it compulsory to wear helmets on bikes; we give all sorts of excuses not to wear them. In auto rickshaw, initially,  two people were allowed, and three started sitting. Hence a rule was amended to allow three people, and what we do, 5 people will sit in


An auto rickshaw and sometimes 10. We will fight against the authorities for not letting 10 people in the auto! What is there in our DNA that makes us do these things? Is it poverty (anything to save a few Rupees) but what about those parents who send their children to public schools in autos seating 15 children at a time?

Why can’t we stop behind zebra crossings?


Why? Because crossings are meant for zebras!. The sky is not going to fall if we cross the zebra crossings? Again the “I don’t care” attitude?