Self Discipline! What is that?

Why as a society we Indians do not have self discipline? Does it go back to times when Man lived in stone age and everything was available in plenty? Everything includes space (there was no need for individual space in those days, it was available anyway), food (was it really in plenty). Was the human race indisciplined becasue of plenty?

Or the main reason is the Briitsh Raj? Indians wanted the foreign rulers to go away. With that aim we started defying anything that was “Official”. Indian mind set was molded to break rules rather than following the rules. But come 1947 and the need to defy everything “official” had gone but we continued our old ways becaue it is easy to do what comes to your mind. We love a song and we will play at the loudest possible volume. A law makes it compulsory to wear helmets on bikes; we give all sorts of excuses not to wear it. In auto rikshaw, initially,  two people were allowed and three started sitting. Hence rule was amended to allow three people and what we do, 5 people will sit in


an auto rikshaw and sometimes 10. We will fight agaist the authorities for not letting 10 people in the auto! What is there in our DNA that makes us do these things? Is it povery (anything to save a few Rupees) but what about those parents who send their children to public schools in autos seating 15 chidren at a time?

Why can’t we stop behind zebra crossings?


Why? Becasue crossings are meant for zebras!. Sky is not going to fall if we cross the zebra crossings? Again the “I dont care” attitude?



Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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