Get Lost!!

I was all twenty-four years old and in my second year of career in an engineering industry. It was Diwali time. Our Chairman called me to his cabin one day and said, “Please go to so and so organization. Meet their GM and give him best wishes and a small Diwali gift.” One of my colleagues Kumar also accompanied me. We drove about 60 km in the afternoon to reach the destination, had a great time as any 24 year olds will have!

We reached the destination and went to GM’s office. As smart kids we announced ourselves to the GM. After 15 min we were invited in his cabin. We introduced ourselves. He asked the purpose of our visit. We said that we had come to wish you a Happy Diwali. After that we offered him the gift. Situation at that moment changed so drastically that we were shocked. He looked at us sternly and said ” Get Lost! What do you think of yourselves? Why have you brought this gift? Wishing Happy Diwali is fine”

Kumar and me both were perplexed and did not know what to do. But we stood our ground. Finally when we got a chance to speak I said ” We were working under guidance and have understood your thought process. We sincerely apologize! ” .

The Boss cooled down and said ” Young men, your boss knows that I do not like gifts! I was not upset with you. What would you have tea or Coffee?”

With this, the episode ended with one good experience in life. Do not budge if you are not at fault!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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