Human Mind!

I am sharing with you individual reactions to a critical health event in an individuals life. I will not make any comments on the statements made by individuals but will only share with you! If any of you friends have idea of why such reactions are different please share with me. How does human mind develop? Why the reactions are from very positive to very negative? Is it dependent on surroundings? Atmosphere at home? Friends? Experiences gained in life? How the life has treated you?

Person 1 – Let god help you in quick recovery! Basic tone of the e-mail, RIP!
Person 2 – How can a very clean person like you get this illness?
Person 3 – (A medical doctor)- No direct communication but informed others that unwell individual has very low immunity so please do not visit him. ( There was no such issue) Unwell individual’s family had informed others that because of hectic daily schedule (patient was being treated at home) all in the family were under terrific work load and related stress!
Person 4 – How could you fall sick?
Person 5 – When this friend came to the meet the patient in the recovery phase, ” Oh, you look almost normal; I thought…. you would be…
Person 6 – There is no question that you will overcome this; I know the type of fighter you are!
Person 7 – I was shocked and I was aghast!
Person 8 – I can’t imagine you giving rest to yourself ( of course Doctors are forcing you) but otherwise it is only another major event for you
Person 9- Couple of friends amongst each other on a successful project recently successfully completed by my friend’s team; why not lets get together and have our party. Ok he may not be able to attend so what!
Person 10 – Please let me know what I can do to support you!! Anything and everything, just name it! But not for next two weeks as I will be busy. Last two weeks I could not communicate with you as my doggy was puking intermittently!
Person 11 – He travels back from USA in the afternoon and next day 10 am he is there to meet his unwell friend in another city just to hold hands!!
Person 12 – He comes to meet and becomes extremely emotional! He is not known to be this type.

The list could go on but I thought I will share only some of the comments with you.

Have a great day!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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