Myths of the Dance of Democracy!

India just finished general election for the year 2014. This election was “marketed” by TRP hungry media as Dance of Democracy! It was a Dance no doubts.

Indian elections get analyzed in India by so-called experts in details same as the so-called share market experts! There have been so many theories to explain many things happening in the election. Some of them have almost become myths. Have those myths gone for a toss? Here are a few of them.

Biggest myth is that Indian politics and voting patterns are governed by vote banks, caste equations. This was supposedly happening all these years especially in Northern India. How do the experts explain the results from UP, the cauldron of caste politics. 73 out of 80 seats are taken by BJP+ ! Where is Mayawati’s power, Mulayam’s strength? Have they lost these supernatural powers overnight? Same Dalits, Muslims and so-called down trodden have they suddenly deserted their bosses and en mass and voted for BJP?

India is looking for criminal free, corruption free society is another myth. I think 35% plus newly elected MP’s have criminal background! Where is AAP? Four seats!! Even Congress with so many mistakes, frauds, scams managed 50 plus seats!! What happened to the euphoria of last year? Now no one including Anna Hazare are talking of Lokpal bill! Have they forgotten about it? I think main reason for last years euphoria was that there was a lame duck Government in Delhi which could take no action (or was afraid to do so) against the agitators who took law into their hands. It was more of a Governance issue.

Another myth is that so-called crusaders or strong candidates may lose election but with a reasonable fight. How do you explain loss of deposit for (32 Crore) Shazia Ilmi, Congress blue eyed boy Salman Khurshid, Vishwas in Amethi?

One very important point that needs to be pondered. Votes in Orissa for Patnaik due to decent policies is understandable. But how do you explain Mamta Banerjee and Jaylalitha winning so strongly! Andhra area is currently highly emotional due to split so it is understandable. But Bengal and Tamilnadu are they sitting in their own cocoon? Are they yet open to idea of India ? Friends please comment on this aspect which I am not able to understand.

Here is my take on myths. People may say anything about Congress Government and their governance. But during last 10/15 years because of mobile revolution, IT & TV revolution in India, tools were made available to people all over India, to really know what is going on in all parts of India rather than their own area. Their obvious conclusion was Congress was not good enough which reflected in the result. Probably same tools in people’s hand helped them take decision in favour of development rather that their caste! With no such tools available previously, people’s thoughts were restricted to their close vicinity and people used to think about their Biradari rather than thinking universally. This probably explains the changes that have happened. Salman Khurshid & Vishwas were probably punished for arrogance, Ilmi was thought of as an imposter!

I am sure more myths have got created in this election too! One of them could be “Now we have Modi the Superman!” Please let us not create such myths and then get disappointed later. This world is beautiful but it is also very tough and cruel. Managing India is no joke. Let us hope that the Indian economy which is that bottom at this stage, will only go up aided by good policies and governance. Let us not expect that suddenly everything will change. Give apro Narendra Bhai some time!!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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