Human DNA!

The dictionary meaning of point of inflection is “A Moment of Dramatic Change”. This is what really happened in my life. This word is used in reference to organizations or Companies. But I thought that this can also be appropriately used in any person’s life.
Our life was in cruise mode with joyous arrival of Kittu, Jaya’s retirement and my work keeping me moderately busy. Previous year was pretty hectic with Priya’s marriage, her settling down in pregnancy, a hiccup in my health condition but this is the roller coaster drive that all of us have in our lives.
Around the time of Kittu’s arrival in October, I had a sore throat issue which was treated in the normal way such body conditions are handled. With various tests Doctors arrived at a conclusion that my left Vocal Cord had malignant growth.
This was definitely “Point of Inflection moment” in my life but honestly I was not overawed (Maybe because Prognosis was not so bad).” Why was my reaction this way?
My family’s reaction was plain and simple, “Lets Beat It!!”
Others had their own reactions.
Jay said, “Pramod we know you can overcome anything so this is just one more challenge in life.”
Makrand a doctor, when he met me, said that he would never have known that I was undergoing a treatment if I were not wearing a temporary gadget needed during treatment.
A close friend became very emotional and was more worried than me!
Some others were in a very somber mood and suggested almighty’s support.
In our day-to-day situations we do no really understand a person but tough situations truly reflects a person’s DNA. (Not the medical one)
How does a human being react to a situation? Why do persons react or behave in a very different way to a situation? What is it that makes a person or his DNA? Is it hereditary or surroundings? Or is it experiences that we get in life when we grow?
When one thinks of people’s reactions in tough situations, you really come to know how a person has experienced life. What he has gone through. A person’s DNA is made of life’s experiences, people one has met in life, the way his group, family or peers have been reacting to a situation.


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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