Apple? Google? What is that?

I have given this title to grab your attention!!

Imagine after some years or many years Apple, Google could exist as companies that are “also ran” or they may not exist! You must be wondering what I am writing about!! I am talking about the evolution theory. The world as a whole keeps on evolving all the time.

I will write about countries and their evolution in general. In the 15th century Spain & Portugal were the strongest countries in the world. Why they were strong? They had good governance, tax collection was good, government was pro-business (heard these things lately somewhere!!)
As they were strong they created a strong navy and sent people to east and west. In east they established spice trade and in west they found Americas, the Gold Pot! With this trade in the east they became rich and strong; with west excursions they literally got grabbed a lot of Gold and Silver.
In the meanwhile countries like England, Holland, Germany were busy in industrial revolution. Why the industrial revolution happened was that they could not sell cloth manufactured by them in India. (BTW India was a rich country then!!) Items they wanted to sale for Rs.300/ was available in India for Rs.30/. The industrial revolution changed this situation.
Who became stronger, of course Britain, Holland and France. They improved their trade practices and went ahead of Spain & Portugal. Dutch built cargo ships which were far superior in design and could carry very large volume of material from east. Spain and Portugal today they are good in football but otherwise they are just ok!!
British and French had outposts in India. India was a very densely populated country to be won in a war!! Mughal Empire all-over India was very strong and these people had to beg to the emperor to have outposts for trading!! In 17th century the empire slowly started becoming weak and important thing was that Indian people never thought of India as one country. (Today whatever fights, problems we may have in India but we think of India as one country. I never feel as if I am not in India in even the remotest part of India.) British were very smart and they fought with French in Europe. They won the war and in the treaty they made sure that French almost fully left India. (Except for Puducherry) After this it was cake walk for the British in India. They applied classic principles of divide and rule. They found many people willing to work for them. So with about 7000 managers and about 70000 troops they conquered India.

Friends, a country or an organization follows similar paths as explained above. Wars that I mentioned may not be physical but in Market Place, for organizations. Add to this the technological changes that are taking place at a furious pace. So what can cause irreversible damage to a Google or an Apple only time will tell. It could be a company from Nepal or Bali or Timbaktu that may suddenly forge ahead and be the leader till its time comes!! Any guesses when this can happen for a Google or an Apple?


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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