From being Grounded to going Sky high

All through my life I have lived on the ground floor. Our permanent home is a row house (Townhouse) and I am very much used to just walking out of the home to go anywhere. Recently we have temporarily moved to a high-rise apartment block and got a condo on the 7th floor. Here I have to walk out of the home and use lift (elevator) to go anywhere. For first two months we were really busy and did not even have time to think of this change!

But now that things are stabilizing, my mind has started to meander. In our regular home my morning chore was to go to the garden, weather permitting. Take a look around various trees, flowers and generally enjoy the greenery. People take their morning walks on the colony road (I take my walk when it is really dark) and I get a chance to say hi to many of friends, get updates about various things like job, health or have a general chit-chat. In between I take care of watering the garden and listen to birds sing. During our cuppa, later in the morning Jaya and I would discuss about the daily progress of our little greens and check if things are going all right. WP_000010

But now I realize that being on the 7th floor, my horizon has literally expanded. First change is that I do not walk inside our condo compound ( not big enough) but go outside. I like to take different route every day and see new things like different homes, trees and people, a big change to my daily routine. We stay in a new locality so there are many things nearby which I am not aware of or maybe I do not observe while driving. In our west facing balcony we have a few pots where we have greenery. During our cuppa sitting in the balcony, we of course discuss our greenery. But with expanded horizon we see a beautiful view of trees, a few hills, distant Sinhgad (a historical fort near Pune). Recently as the weather is intermittently changing from bright sunny to clouded, rainy and misty or foggy, I see a beautiful view of a few hundred meters (when it is misty or foggy) to a few kilometers with rolling hills in the background. WP_000141

We as humans probably want status quo in life. We do not want to change ourselves unless there is a reason to do so. But by having such closed thinking we restrict ourselves to limited experiences in life, our horizon remains small. This experience of mine of moving to 7th floor home from a ground floor home has made me realize how much I was missing!! How I was restricting my horizon. So folks be open minded and don’t restrict your horizon!!



Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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