Why आचरट (achrat) of this world come together?

The title talks about a Marathi word आचरट, it is difficult to explain the exact meaning of the same in English. On internet meaning of the word आचरट is, people with improper behavior. But when this word is spoken about someone in Marathi, the meaning is really not the one implied in dictionary meaning. It is about a person who is funny (in good sense, fun to be with!), really smart but some people may find such person’s behavior improper, sometimes. Sometimes they can be loud. But all the time intention is to have fun and not trouble anybody. They will crack some small jokes about persons around but in good taste.
It is said that water always tries to reach its own level. This is science and when you make an experiment by filling a tube with water and form a U, in both the arms water level will be exactly same. It is the same with people. When one joins a school or college one finds that there will always be a small percentage of आचरट people who will end up as close friends.
What are the common traits of such people? They can talk on any subject in the world. They are very sharp with words though some are very good at absorbing exchanges like a boxing bag. They are very serious about passing time doing nothing!! College classes, exams, getting a degree are also incidentally taken care of.
When I was in engineering college we had such a gang. Incidentally all had some great properties which I will share with you . Sharad was a scholar from school days but had gained expertise in the art of being आचरट. He had a great knack of telling stories which he had acquired from his Malvan background. He would tell interesting stories. Sharad now is running a major engineering enterprise. Praveen was a Bombayite and was both giver and absorber of आचरट exchanges. He was softer of the lot and was a great singer. Praveen made his career in submarine building (hey Praveen did you design those that are sinking these days?) and now performs on stage shows as professional singer. His favorite song in those days was


Then we had Sonya. He was one excited guy and very good at heart, a good sport. He would make fun and take some blows in the same spirit. I used to wonder how this guy has some streak that is very different. Recently I came to know about its origin!! Once while chatting, he told me about his mother and then I knew why this आचरट had a special streak, it was from his mother!! Sonya runs a successful business in building trade and he “Paints”!! Now with a little anecdote I am sharing with you, you will understand the real meaning of आचरट !! When Sonya shared one of his paintings with all recently, on Whatsapp, prompt came question from Sharad, “Please share the name of the website from where you download these paintings?” Prompt reply from Sonya and he shared a photograph of himself painting!! With Weasel, brushes and all! SonyaImage

Friends now its upto you to decide if Sharad or Sonya is telling the truth!!

The various traits that the आचरट had in the youth, was a result of too much energy and guys did not know how to spend it. The guys had various traits needed by आचरट and that brought them together.
When the energies were properly channelized later, all have turned from आचरट or ugly ducklings to swans! This reminds me of a great Asha Bhosale classic “एका तळ्यात होती बदके पिले सुरेख होते कुरूप वेडे पिल्लू तयात एक”!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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