Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din!!

The title means where the good old days are gone!!
The initial lines of this Hindi song are typical in everybody’s life, of time that has passed by us. It does not mean that we are not having a good time now. But these words are nostalgic and remind us of old days. In any humans life there is childhood, studentship, youth, middle age, matured age moving towards graceful aging.
How would you rate these phases? Of course most of us don’t remember much from our childhood but these days I see my granddaughter Rhea growing in front of us. I will rate childhood at number one mainly because of innocence. Child is so innocent, its life is fully based on innocence and curiosity. Child completely shares its feelings with us without hiding anything. When happy there will be laughter, when unhappy there will be crying, when sleepy just go to sleep, when hungry demand food and eat.
Second in the rank would be graceful aging. In this phase, so-called responsibilities are over. (Assuming that one is a responsible person) If the health is reasonably good then during this phase one can enjoy life to the fullest and start doing things which life did not allow you to do during period in between. If finances are properly planned then one can travel to various destinations.
But while thinking on these lines, I suddenly thought of a dear friend. This friend of mine is a gem of a person, very genteel, down to earth. He has a different way of looking at things. Mind you he is a terrific engineering professional. But he looks at life through different lenses. His way of looking at things is very innocent. He has a child-like simplicity in him. Having such traits is not simple. Human being changes, his thought process changes. His maturity level changes. His nature changes. All these things happen because of the lessons life teaches us. Same event can totally have different effect on two persons. Someone will become bitter, someone will become reticent. But not our friend. I am sure he also must have gone through life’s events as all of us do. But these have hardly changed him in his approach. Of course he has changed physically, become a bit heavier. But many of his styles have not changed. His knack of pushing glasses back from his nose bridge, hearty laughter, he would laugh even louder if his leg is pulled. I am sure he must have approached the same way with life; when life pulls our leg you and I will react normally, that is we will be nervous, throw tantrums, we will make a statement that life is very unfair to me and so on. But my great friend takes things in stride like child’s simplicity and moves on. It will not make him bitter. During his working years, many of his colleagues were corrupt but our man is upright and would never do such a thing. I once asked how you manage this. He said, “If I am not corrupt system will not prefer me so they will transfer me but I am ok with this.” Very simple solution!! This is a child-like solution, if you cannot get something just ignore it and move ahead.
Let me assure you this is not simple. To take things in stride, one needs courage of conviction. By remaining in the child phase in approach to life, he has enjoyed the life the most. He is my dear friend Suya उर्फ सुहास यशवंत कुलकर्णी!! Let me tell you Suya never sings this song, “Jane Kahan Gaye Who Din” because his days are always good old days! Live your life to the full Suya and inspire us to enjoy it!!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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