No Subject Blog!

Writing a blog with no subject is a tough ask but writing one without title is well-nigh impossible. At the outset I am going to make a very controversial statement, at the risk of physical danger to my wellbeing!!
I am told that the honorable ladies of this world can talk to their friends on “no topic” or “non topic” for hours together. How they do this? Where have they learnt this art? Is it a God’s gift to them? Why men folk cannot do it on regular basis? What science is behind this? Or is it an art form? But then why does the art form make discrimination based on gender? Why are ladies folk more gifted in this art? ladieschatting
When men folk meet, after their initial Hi and Hellos they will settle into a cozy position of drinking their cuppa or their beer. In between they will be talking on various topics including cricket, football or horse racing or girls!! Variation in this can be in the form of their drinks or cigarettes but never in the amount of actual talking!! Talking to each other for men folk is a media, to take their beer drinking or smoking forward!! MenSmking
Both the activities viewed from other genders view point appear totally different. It is almost like one mans’ freedom fighter is other mans’ terrorist! When women folk look at the group of men drinking or smoking they are shocked and feel what a waste of time! Oh my God, these guys have so much time and all that they are doing is smoking or drinking!!
As opposed to that when men folk look at ladies chatting, they think , OMG how can these ladies enjoy the free time without smoking or drinking or some such activity!! They are simply wasting their time by talking to each other. There are so many things like boozing & smoking and so on, in this world but alas….
Some feel that idiots like me waste their time writing their blogs! When you write something you must have at least a subject and this fella is writing a Blog with no subject!! What has this world come to!
Friends I think I have written about No Subject blog but I cannot resist telling you a joke, not a very original one. This joke can again physically harm me but here it goes.
A lady is chatting on phone and about half an hour later she cuts the phone. Her husband is surprised and asks her how the call got over only in half an hour. Prompt comes the reply, “Oh! It was a wrong number!” Cheers and have a great day.


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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