23rd December 2013 to 28th June 2014

The title of this blog will be meaningless to most but to me and my close ones it is a most tumultuous period in our lives. Life can take turns which are sudden, least expected and will teach you so many things.

What is the significance of these dates? Why they are so important in our lives? On 23rd December 2013, my daughter Priya, Nikhil and their two month old baby Rhea went home from our Sunshine Villa home; it was both sad and happy moment for us as this event was inevitable as every child has to GO HOME after birth! On 28th June 2014 around same time of the day Jaya and I came back to Sunshine for the weekend.

These appear to be very normal events but what happened in between was of great significance to us. Immediately after Priya, Nikhil and Rhea left, Jaya and I left for Ruby Hall Clinic for my first Radiation Therapy to treat Vocal Cord Carcinoma!! I used to think that I am generally in the know of many things but till my Vocal Cord Carcinoma was detected I used to think that Radiation therapy, when it is required, is given once or twice. How wrong I was? In my case it was decided to treat me for 34 sittings along with Immunotherapy!! From Ruby Hall after my first treatment, we went to an apartment that we have rented, a home next to Priya’s, for a temporary period. This move was somewhat preplanned for other reasons but destiny forced us to move to the new flat in a rush. The rush was due to logistic reasons.

What were our feelings due to this event? How things had suddenly changed from absolute joy on Rhea’s arrival to apprehensions (in the background). The joy of course continues and is increasing by leaps and bound but in the background, feelings of second thoughts, anxiety, float silently. I suppose that at some stage, the events bring you to reality of life, it reminds you of the only certainty that we are all humans and there is a life cycle. How our minds are designed by the almighty!! On one side we are rushing through the life at great speed on an expressway, without a care in the world. We all want to achieve this and that. We rush to catch a flight, achieve the perfect design, meet the target deadlines. We want to become experts in our fields, we are sometimes so busy that we have no time to watch Sachin bat, Federer smoothly annihilate his opponents, just to go to the seashore and watch the waves rush in. These rushing waves are classic examples of our life. Our normal journey in life is like a high tide, when we are at a high in life and low tide when we feel low in life. Sometimes during monsoons the higher waves really rush to seashore and break rapidly. These are really highs in our life and we don’t care about anything in the world and just try to achieve what we want. During all this rush, our mind is designed such that we forget about the low tides that are inevitable; but for some humans the low tide cycle is stronger than the high tide one. For them the cycle is low tide & high tide. Low tides are predominant. This is tough to handle but still people pass through this life cycle too.

Then of course there is Tsunami! Tsunami is just there and all one can do is to hope that you somehow overcome it. In my case the Tsunami was of the highest intensity possible. But somehow I was at a place in life, by chance course, on an imaginary hillock of my destiny, when the Tsunami hit me. Hillock probably helped in not just being swept away!! I was dragged and tossed, thrown around. My close ones were trying to throw life jackets at me. While I was trying not gulp water, somehow I caught a life jacket and managed not to sink. This life jacket was in the form of the prognosis which unexpectedly turned out to be better than expected. In fact my close friend Dr. Arun, told me that if one has to have cancer, then pray for vocal cord variety because usually chances of overcoming it are reasonably good. Tsunami of course had run its course with damages all around the mind & the body.

On 28th June 2014 we had decided to spend a weekend at Sunshine, what an appropriate name our colony has, at least for me. We went home around 3 pm settled down a bit, then around 5.30 I called Rufus for a coffee and Bhajiyas. Adda in our garden became active again, we both, Rufus and Celine settled for a long chat; we were ten minutes into it and were happy to see Maya and Pravin barge in. As usual we made appropriate seating adjustments and settled down for a long chat. Our neighbor, Sujit, saw us and said, “Hey Kaka love to see guys back at the adda!” During this chat Jaya and I had just forgotten about the period 23rd December 2013 to 28th June 2014. We were all just there as if we have been doing it every day which anyway we used to do, till the Tsunami hit!!

What a fabulous design the almighty has made! At one stage we had the sadness, gloom, apprehensions and all the negativity at the back of the mind. Our beloved Sunshine just overcame those dark clouds in a jiffy. Did we miss sunshine? Yes of Course, but there was another Sunshine in Rhea which did not allow us about gloom even for a moment when we were away from Sunshine.

It will be too cliché` to say that there is a “Silver lining to the each dark Cloud”. I would rather say, “At the end of every gloom there is Sunshine!”


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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