Why Look Back?

Life goes on and we humans always look forward to the next sunrise. Wisdom says that you look back and learn from mistakes and make sure we don’t repeat them. These wise thoughts are always helpful in doing better in life. I have known and heard of a few people who say “Why look back?” What is the meaning of this statement? Are these people belligerent or thoughtful? Overconfident or just plain pragmatic? How do people manage to take major events in stride? What gives them the courage? Are they created differently by Him?

My good old friend Hemant, god bless him, is one such person. He is an engineer by profession, smart, pleasant and what have you. He is a good techno marketing guy. He succeeds in his work by good engineering knowledge and marketing & persuasive skills. Somehow during a certain period we lost touch. Those were 80’s and communication was bad. One day he called me and said, “I am coming to Pune on Sunday and will come to your place for breakfast.” He arrived at nine and when I saw him, it was a shock of my life for me and my family. But knowing him, I did not say anything. He just said there was an accident two months back but “now I am ok.” I knew that he will tell details over a period. We had our breakfast, of course nothing had changed!! He managed everything expertly with one hand. After breakfast he said lets go out. When we came out, I asked him about his driver, so that driver could also have breakfast. He said he had driven the car himself, alone from Mumbai. Again, no comments from me, only stunned silence!! We went to a place where two of us could sit peacefully. I knew he wanted to smoke, I was wondering how he was going to handle this. Nothing special, he just held the matchbox in his knees and there he was smoking. After that he recited the whole sequence as a matter of fact.

Back then he had sold an equipment to an organization. Successful trials were done. Then it was decided to start full operation on an auspicious day. That day, he along with his technicians went to that factory. Usual things like Pooja were performed and at the hands of CEO, the equipment was started. After sweets distribution, tea was circulated. Couple of hours later big handshakes took place and they started moving away from the equipment. He took a couple of steps, and somebody called, “Hemant, can you come for a moment?” Hemant went back replied to queries and turned to go back. While doing so he just extended his right hand to explain things better. This misjudgment cost him his right hand upto the elbow. Somehow it was just sucked in the equipment and rest as they say is history. But the story does not end here in fact it begins. He was taken to hospital and being fit and young recovered quickly under the circumstances. On eighth day he started learning to write with his left hand. In the third week his signature with left hand had become stable. Here he was 150 km from home, after two months,driving the car all on his own!!

When he was done, I asked him a question, “Looking back, would you have done things differently in those last few minutes before the accident?” He said,” Pramod, Why look back?”


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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