Deepika, Hats Off!!

I have been hearing the term Women Empowerment pretty regularly and am wondering what the meaning of these words is! Empowerment refers to increasing economic, political, social, educational, gender, or spiritual strength of individuals and communities, and in this case Women!

Consider the recent two cases from Indian Film industry, Deepika Padukone and Preity Zinta. These ladies have been at the top of the pyramid, smart, confident and what have you. Today I am going mainly write about Deepika. In today’s “modern” world are these ladies really empowered? Deepika comes from an elite family with her father being former badminton World Champion. So it is not that this family does not know how to handle fame!! Is Deepika really empowered? Luckily she is because she has guts but not many including males of such kind have guts. But society even in this century will attempt, to try not allow the ladies, even successful ladies, to be empowered.

Our leading newspapers always have been “so-called elite” but lately they also have sections that I would define as Soft Porn, though they give fancy names to such sections. The names of such sections are “Oops”, “Wardrobe Malfunction”, “Upskirt Photos” and so on (to see videos & photos you have to be a bit net friendly). Then there will be headlines and sad photos of struggling actresses found in a racket selling their bodies, to high society people!! When a woman is involved in prostitution, there is always another party, obviously male, involved. Have you ever heard of some hot-shot actor, or business man, or industrialist found “caught” in such situations? Do you ever see photographs of such males being splashed, for trial by media? Why the difference of treatment for males & females?

Mind you this is not happening only in India but is happening many so-called developed countries. Believe it or not but Women Suffrage (right to vote in political elections) law was passed in the year 1920 in the United States of America; but till year 1980 number of women taking part in voting was much less than men! Only after 1980 this number has gone up, sometimes above men voters, thanks to baby boomers generation. This status was due to diffidence of women themselves.

Deepika had guts to hit back by writing a set of tweets in no uncertain terms against this elite newspaper. So what is the response of this paper? Apology, no way!! They always stand by their story. They claimed that Deepika is so beautiful that they wanted all the world to know that, of course with the aid of “properly” shot video. On top of that they have today floated a video based on Deepika’s love affairs and her Ex beaus, thank god “Not at the Correct Angles”! Name of the Video is “Controversies in Deepika’s life”. Then there are stooges, prominently Shobha Dey, to write an article on how all these ladies have been displaying their wares all the time! Yes, she would know. She has been muck business for too long. The article implies that Deepika has been taking her own photos in various stages of undress and distributing to papers! It is this tabloid mentality, in the name of circulation figures that causes such problems. The photographers are hired to shoot special photos, heard the word paparazzi! Paparazzi did manage to take nude photos of “could be” future queen of England on a very private holiday!! It is the same paparazzi who were instrumental in death on Princess Diana, her driver was trying to avoid them.

What could be solution for such sad state of affairs; take and print photos, of near and dear ones of people justifying, Deepika’s video? What happens if photos of cleavages and such body parts of the near and dear ones of senior people of such newspapers, are splashed in tabloids? Would there not be a big libel suit? What will justify this libel suit? Just because Deepika is a public figure, her persona becomes public property but does her body also become public property? One can go and touch a statue in a garden then why not go and touch Deepika, after all she is a public property!!

When Deepika wrote those tweets, some people had the gumption to say that this is a publicity stunt by her to promote her new movie! How shameless can you become? Why this behavior? Is the world full of MCP’s? This is too serious an issue to be trivialized, by including it in general chit-chat. Hopefully Deepika’s small burst would lead to better things. If Mirror Online or the Sun from Britain indulge in these stupid activities, I am ok with that because they do not hide that they are tabloids. I understand that the content is also market driven. But the so-called leading newspapers stooping down to such levels is simply not acceptable. Call yourself a tabloid and do what you want. I will share one important information about this elite newspaper. Under the guise of “MD’s Holi Party Pictures”, the photos of guests are displayed, you will say what is wrong in Page 3 photos. Let me finish. These photos are predominantly showing ladies fully drenched, after all it is Holi! They also make sure that right areas of anatomy and undergarments of the ladies are displayed. This gives me one relief; if ever government manages to ban porn sites we have at least these soft porn sites available. Happy Holi and Happy viewing. (Hope that I am not hit with a libel suit)


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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