Closet Singer!

I am sure everybody is either a bathroom singer or a closet singer, but I am neither! I am “a singer”. That is some confidence!! In the late evenings, singer in me would come out and would start singing, rather humming. I used to always hum my favourite songs and humming was because I did not know the lyrics. When Laptops came in vogue, I started downloading lyrics from the internet on the Laptop. When I started singing, most of the times I was in competition with Mohamad Rafi. (RIP Rafiji!) My daughter Priya is an excellent natural singer (children always pick up good things from parents … ahem) Priya would always tease me that I was in competition with Rafi when I did not sing!!

Priya used to always tell me that I love sad songs and I would say it’s the tune and not the words that are important. Our famous spot was a sit out where Jaya my wife, Priya and me, we used to hang around for my sessions. My all-time favourite was always तेरे मेरे सपने अब एक रंग है from the Movie Guide. This was followed by एक हसीश्यामको दिल मेरा ले गया from Dulhan Ek Ratki. Session length used to depend mainly on time available with me (I used to be very busy!!) but honestly it relies primarily on the capacity of the ladies to bear with me!! There was one issue though. When the songs were required to be sung in a high pitch, there would be a problem. My hands would flail higher and higher but the pitch was almost static, that is consistency guys!! Howsoever I tried the pitch would not change much.

Years later there was a family get together, and we were to reach late due to some prior commitments. I was required to pay for the delay, by singing at the get-together. There were all my cousins, nephews and nieces all expert singers but I had to pay for the delay in front of the gathering. I had taken my Ipad as a safety device. I reached the venue, and it was finally my turn to sing. I told the guys experts do not need music accompaniment so beat it! Everybody was pretty confident that I would come up with some stunt. I asked for some water before starting to sing, indicating my nervousness. Half of them expected that I would start playing a song from Ipad instead of singing. But Ipad was for lyrics, and then I started singing तेरे मेरे सपने अब एक रंग है!! Were they surprised!

Next natural step was to go for a Karaoke system. I looked on the net and almost finalised what I should buy. But then I had a throat-related major event. I had to go through treatments for a few months. This has affected my voice and doctors say that it will take a totally one-year minimum for improvement in my voice. I am sure all are looking forward to the improvement so that I can start singing another favourite अजब है दास्तानतेरी ए जिंदगी from movie Shararat.

Cheers guys!! Happy Singing.