Light Showers or Sunshine!!

In the scorching summer, I was done for the day and was winding down. The temperature outside was around 100 deg F, and I was a bit apprehensive about walking for some minor errands. Just as I picked up my stuff to leave the office, I saw dark clouds rushing in, and suddenly gusts came in. I started driving and I was walking after parking my car, there were some drops of rain as I entered a shop. Quickly I completed what I needed to do and came out to go towards my car in the parking lot. A lovely drizzle had started, and instead of rushing to the car I started walking lazily to enjoy the drizzle. What a joy it was!! Most of the people were hurrying towards some shelter or trying to get inside their cars. Not me! In the winter when it is not foggy, and we get great joy with sunshine, you get the same pleasure from the drizzle in summer. In monsoon, after you are soaked in heavy rains a hot cuppa is the sunshine that you need.

Our life is a mix of hot summer, brutal winter and sometimes heavy rains. I live in India so no snow where I live. These are metaphors in our life. Life is a roller coaster of goods & bad, happy and sad events in our life. Imagine life without these changes! All good things would make our life boring; some things are good because we have seen bad things. Some events are happy because we have witnessed sad events. But not all humans are created the same. Something which is delightful to you may be disturbing to someone else. Your life is made of the drizzles and sunshine. It is our perspective that makes a difference.

Every summer, very heavy pre-monsoon rains bring great relief to all. Near my home, the dry leaves choke the drain and waterlogging would start after the downpour. I used to get appropriately dressed or undress and would walk out to clear the choke. But the main reason I did that was to get totally drenched in the rains! Wow, what fun that was; mind you I was not a child, and my son was already ¾ years old.

Friends, there are small things in life, and if you start looking at them like sunshine or drizzle, then you have really made it. My favourite past time is to watch our cat teaching the kittens how to catch mice! It would be a full-fledged session! It is a great pleasure to watch newly born birds learning to fly. Have you seen the birds feeding their young ones in the nest? It’s a joy to behold. Nature is a great entertainer if you really keep your eyes and ears open.  Have you seen a herd of cranes flying in a formation! These are Sunshine moments in our busy lives.

I had a friend, god bless him! Whenever I called him for a banter his reply to me how are you would be, “Oh, it’s so cold!! Oh, it’s so hot!! Oh, it’s raining so much!! The replies were naturally dependent on the season. He would never say “I had a great morning walk today and enjoyed the mild winter weather! Or Oh, I ate some lovely Alphonso Mangoes that you get now in summer! Or Oh, hot tea and bhajiyas made by my wife, after I was drenched!! I never knew why he answered the way he did. Probably he thought that way and those were his real feelings.

Next time you get caught in the first rain don’t run, get drenched!!