Why Blog!

We have a college group magazine, which I edit. During e mail exchange on our group, a friend of ours Suresh, a very regular contributor to the magazine, wrote a mail saying that he is very frustrated that hardly anybody responds to his articles! The friend had his basic education in a small town and from there he came to Pune, now lives in Mumbai and has travelled all over the world. His articles are about his journey of a small town guy to the real world. I really like the contents of what he writes, as my experience in life is very different from his, as I lived mostly in Mumbai, Pune area.

Now the question why do we write? I feel that we write because we get the urge to put our thoughts on paper and with today’s technology share it with the world. In olden days, life was tough for amateurs maybe in olden days they just wrote their diaries! If you were a professional writer then, you would write and get the stuff published through publishers. Now many amateurs like Suresh and me are attempting to write something. When I read Suresh’s mail, I immediately felt the urge to write about his frustrations!! Something just clicked my mind and said that I should write.

When I write, some-times it takes me 15 days to come up with something  sensible,till I am satisfied; at other times I am done in a couple of hours. The thoughts just keep on getting formulated and my fingers type the thoughts out. Initially my thought stream is in one direction then it changes a bit. But one thing for sure it never turns 180 degrees!! My thoughts move more like a meandering river. Again it also depends on the subject. On some subjects I can visualize the end point of the blog that I am planning, in the initial planning phase itself and other times I start from no end visualized status, to the 4/5 different ends!

When I start writing on a subject, suddenly some old relevant references start blinking in my mind, telling me “hey guy, include me in todays blog”!! How this happens I do not know, it just happens. Years back my wife Jaya and I had gone to an educational institution near Chandigarh. After lunch, their Vice Chancellor requested Jaya to distribute certificates at a workshop, on Energy related subject. Part of the request was to also give a five minute guidance speech to the participants! Jaya quickly told the VC, Pramod is a good speaker, so she will only distribute the certificates! In my area of work, I am as far away from Energy as the Sun is in the Solar system. I spoke for a couple of minutes and suddenly my mind recalled something from my brains library! I asked the audience if they knew about the concept of good energy and bad energy; all looked a bit confused. I told them the concept. I told them that we should always be after good energy and try to be away from bad energy. I said heaven is up there where good energy resides and hell is down there where bad energy resides. I could see confusion level going up a couple of notches! Then I said, energy from heaven is what we get from Wind, the Sun, and Ocean waves and the resources are non-depleting. Energy from hell is from Coal, Oil, and Gas and these resources deplete! Heavens energy is zero polluting while hell energy is THE polluting energy! So it should be our endeavour to go after good energy! After this I said thank you to all for being patient in listening to me. The audience immediately erupted clapping. The guys came and started asking me questions on energy of all the things! They thought I was lying that I was not an energy expert.

So folks probably it’s all instantaneous, spontaneous or whatever you want to call. Someone may have better vocabulary than other person, someone may have more life experiences than other person but still that other person could turn out to be a better blogger. Why is it so? It is probably because someone is better at articulating things, then there is passion! You cannot define passion but you just have it. So blogging is an art form and some are lucky to have it! Bloggers blog to satisfy their urge to write, but the readers may not have a strong an urge to read or appreciate!

Coming back to my friend Suresh’s feelings, I am of course very happy when someone says my blog is good, I am pensive when there is criticism and I am ok when there are no comments! The reason is people are busy, people are not articulate enough to comment (to comment is also writing something, isn’t it) or they just don’t comment. Should someone stop writing just because there is less or no appreciation? A blogger should consider oneself an artist and just enjoy the creativity!! Suresh keep your chin up and keep it coming.


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

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