Half Century 50!!

Today I am on the threshold of becoming fifty! Those who know me personally must be wondering what has happened to this guy! He is much older but claims to be fifty, is this the start of dementia? Has this fellow gone senile? Some will say “must go and meet this chap before he stops recognizing people”. Some may call Jaya to find out how things are in general at our end and specifically about my health. She will, of course, confidently tell that all is well except for my little quirks, irritable behaviour which is increasing. My carcinoma stuff is currently well within background! So far so good, all will get more confused.

As I go down the memory lane, I remember many things that I achieved. My thoughts go to five years back but suddenly I remember my childhood for a couple of years in Ahmednagar. Sometimes I remember my growing up in Mumbai in Dhobi Talao area. Other times I think of my favourite things. One thing is for sure I also remember the writer’s block that I used to get; but as I am nearing fifty that phase seems to be tapering  off. Why my thoughts are veering today, I don’t know. Now I suddenly remember my departed friend from Chaupati who died when we were in school. I then remember some incident from Sunshine Villas where we normally live. Now I feel like thanking my mother, why did I suddenly remember her! Then I am reminded of a friend of mine who has settled in the US. Oh my god! Suddenly I am thinking of Osama, then again I have bit of block but I overcome it when I remember my favourite things.

My mind goes in different direction and I think of Anna Hazare. Now my mind switches to people behaviour and Aaron Shwartz comes to mind. What is happening to me? Am I really going crazy? How is it possible because according some of the people close to me, I am already crazy! Now I have a mental block, I don’t think I will be able to complete this blog. I am thinking of some incident which is forty years old, I am worried about state of our nation. I suddenly remember experience shared by a friend of mine. Now I am thinking about human nature and then back to the state of the nation. Am I awake or I am dreaming? Why  my dreams are changing so swiftly on varied subjects.

My mind switches to industry, then Parijataka flowers, to my good old friend Suhas Urf Suya Kulkarni. Then to life and death, whatsapp/facebook, remember an old song Que Sera Sera, thinks of death, gets irritated by media, shocked by major blunder by Volkswagen. I feel like sharing my illness with my friends and how we overcame the stress as a family.

Friends don’t worry, most of the adjectives mentioned above will stick to me anyway. But dementia is not what is around. When I was talking of turning 50, it is the number of blogs that I could churn out over last five years. It seems that the consistency is improving and now I don’t have to worry about writer’s block, hopefully. All the crazy thought processes from my mind that I mentioned were the “subjects” on which I wrote 49 blogs!

Now this is the 50th! Happy 50th blog to me! May many more come from my pen er Laptop. It will be a great joy to me if I am able to continue with the current consistency. I also hope that those who have been encouraging me, to write more will keep on doing so. Thanks Jaya, Sachin, Deepti, Sonya, Shashi and many more. Cheers! Sonya hope this event will encourage you to start writing consistently! Go for it man!

One thought on “Half Century 50!!

  1. Congratulations on the 50th, Pramod. It is a milestone and before long we will celebrating the 100th. Keep going.

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