Friends, Texting……

Today I have 380 “friends” on Facebook. Who are my friends? What is a friend? Are these 380 my friends; except 15/20 “friends”, 30 others interact with me on yearly basis, maybe. Do we interact with our first family on Facebook, especially when we stay in the same house? Some do! I know of husband/wife wishing happy birthday on Facebook! This is a social networking site but it is turning out to be an antisocial technology. What has FB achieved? It has “connected” people virtually but in real life it has disconnected people. For an event, in “friends” life, we feel that it is good enough to wish on FB and be done with it. We have forgotten the art of talking to friends on phone. That too because we don’t have time to talk on phone; where is the time left after FBing, WhatsApping and surfing in general!!  New technology, “bane or boon discussions” have started long back. With proliferation of “smart” phones, which carry FB and WhatsApp, population of dumb people is increasing!

I am old enough to say “In our days things were different”. And yes they really were different. When friends called you to play it was cricket, football, I spy, lagori, gili danda and so on. Now it is X box or Nintendo. We is used to get hurt because we fell down, playing. Now I am told the kids are hurt because their parents haven’t bought the latest game.


The above caricature is a representative of current thinking. In olden days we used to stop and talk to people to ask directions or an address. Now you have your GPS on and it guides you to the exact address, in most cases. Goal of reaching the destination is achieved but so is disrupt with people. Advantages of talking to someone are many. Just tell me how you feel when you “talk” to a wall called call center? We might as well send them, sms or an email. Some have met their future spouses as they asked them the direction while locating an address!! Can this happen in today’s cutting edge technology era! People’s interactions in general have reduced to a large extent. Probably this is leading many couples preferring to get a dog as a pet instead of having children. Is having children passé?


This caricature implies the same thought. It’s a great pun on the word “friend”. Does family talk to each other like it happened in olden days? Do kids know their parents and vice versa? I doubt, at least in some cases, because all are busy with their “friends”. You see caricatures of husband telling wife to pass on the salt, through WhatsApp message! Kids don’t become “friends” with their parents. I know of one family who track their child’s FB activity through a family friend, who is their child’s “friend”. What is so secret about an activity which is open to the whole world but is “shut” for the parents? What can be the logic behind this?


This caricature indicates the undue importance given to the cell phone. The person is just blind to the nature’s beauty. What causes this addiction? I can understand this happening in the initial phase of cell phone ownership but why the addiction level goes up, up & up? Why do people need to take cell phone to bed? All I need to know when I am in bed, is time, when I wake up in between. So I started keeping devices other than cell phone on my side table. My current device is a Kindle! The world does not stop if you do not see an e mail, WhatsApp updated after you go to sleep!!


Another addiction area that I see is talking on cell phone & texting while driving. The caricature above perfectly shows about this addiction. Are we in such a great hurry that we keep on talking and texting while driving? How did we handle our life pre cell phone era? Do we become over confident that we can multi task easily? Is our brain designed to drive a car at say 60 km and text on cell phone, simultaneously? I don’t think so. What can happen even if a minor emergency arises? How will our brain react? Aero plane accidents have occurred due to wrong pilot reaction in emergencies, though pilot was fully busy in flying the plane (hopefully not texting). Here people try multitasking while driving.

This is a lovely caricature taking a humorous snide at texting while driving!


Coming back to basic thought of pros & cons of FB’s, WhatsApp, texting. Why are people so addicted about these activities when people know that there can be a real danger to lives. Some time back there was an accident on a ring road. A lady was busy talking on her cell phone while crossing the road. A heavily laden dumper truck swerved to save the lady, lost control and six people died. Truck fell down from a bridge 10 meters high. We read of people, listening to music with ear buds in the ears, have been crushed by trains! Two people fell down while taking a Selfie and drowned in the sea. We also read of people trying to take Selfies on mountains standing very close to the edge of valleys. I recently read about a woman who sent whatsapp messages on New Year Day for six consecutive hours. Then she had to be taken to a doctor to take care of her swollen hand and fingers! Or is it swollen brain!

What is it really that makes people do such stupid things. If you tell someone doing such activity, he/she will not want to listen to what you are saying, if at all they listen to you, they ignore you. Stupidity or over confidence? Are these people trying to impress someone?

Volkswagen has come up with a brilliant film on “Effect of Texting while driving”. Such real life campaigns hopefully will make people realize dangers of what is being done under the guise New Technology usage.

Disclaimer: The caricatures & video are used only for better explanation, there is no commerce involved in writing this.

Dance of Civilisation!

We, humans, are creatures of habits, especially small kids. Every day when I come back from office, my grand-daughter, Rhea (all of two years old), is waiting for me to take her out. I live in a modern 11 story tower. This building is amid bustling locality. We usually go to a Vitthal Mandir complex, which is nearby, for the evening outing.

When we go, Rhea is all decked up with a small empty purse on her shoulder and cell phone in her hand! She wants to imitate her mom. The Mandir complex is not more than 150 meters from our house. But during this to and fro movement to the Mandir, the activity that I observe is amazing. During these 45 minutes that we spend daily, I see many nuances of human activity. When we are in a rush, we find only chaos, but when we look at things leisurely, each person that we see is busy in peculiarly doing something. Hence, I thought of the title Dance of Civilisation!

Our observations start with the watchmen at the gate. Different security guards have their patterns, some not bothering to see who is passing through, some are busy talking on a cell phone. Some are very attentive and doing their job, sincerely. Some are friendly with kids and chat with Rhea.

From the society gate, our first stop is a next-door Bank and sometimes a shop selling various tea leaves, including the imported ones! The bank is a new bank with internet banking and ATM’s and whatnot. One sees so many people rushing to the ATM and running away. The Tea shop is in a basement, so our favourite pass time is climbing up & down the steps of the bank and the tea shop. While we are busy with this, we see every day, a set of pensioners whiling away their time, a collection of young friends chatting. Dogs were sleeping, an old beggar just idling and not begging!

We move further! There are grocery shops, a tea vendor, and an electrical repair shop. Almost a similar set of people are seen; some are chatting with owners.  some are talking over a cuppa while some are waiting, doing nothing. (Is it that many people have nothing to do or pursue in the evening?)

Further ten steps ahead is a cobbler sitting in a corner. In the last 30 years, I have never used the services of a cobbler or a मोची in the local language. I had thought that cobblers do not exist these days! I have always done my shoe polish myself, and my footwear never needed any mending! But every day when we pass through, there is a set of different people getting their footwear mended, and it appears that there is good-natured gossiping going on while footwear is patched!  In Marathi, there is an appropriate word for this kind of gossip “चांभार चौकशी”! Rhea has become friends with the cobbler, and we spend a minute or two watching what he is doing and then say bye to him!

The Mandir complex is about 2 minutes walking distance from our society, but we meander watching, observing, questions all the time what is this and what is that? We take almost ten minutes to reach our destination. Amidst the human activity, there is traffic. The road is small, and there are mostly no footpaths. Most drivers think that by honking, the person in front will get blown away; unfortunately for him, that does not happen. So more honking! Then there is Slalom plus Obstacle race combined for the two-wheeler riders. These blokes will easily win any such race world over! I saw one motorcycle rider missing the footpath by a couple of inches in Slalom mode! I am going to write to the Sports Minister to encourage such sports in our country! Coming back to honking, I think since the horns do not work as expected, many will shift to Helicopters! (Do Helicopters have horns?)

Finally, we reach the Mandir after watching some part of “Dance of Civilisation”! If you want to watch the spectacle, you must spend sufficient time in a Mandir. Why do people come to a Mandir? Well, there are various reasons, but the top of the list is to pay obeisance to Him or Her! Every individual has different degrees of beliefs in Him; for some, HE is the ultimate, some come daily to meet Him. Some come when they are in trouble, some visit when something good has happened in their lives, some come to see him just before getting married, (You need it!) all decked in their traditional silks followed of course by a videographer. Some groups come to Mandir on specific days for their Bhajans; some groups come every day for Bhajans! The level of activity that we see is unbelievable.  The process of the visit to the Mandir starts with the removal of footwear! Different people follow various methods of removing shoes; some keep them very near the steps; some keep shoes far from the steps. Some request even a stranger to look after their footwear so that it is not stolen!  Getting inside a Mandir is again an art, I thought one just walks inside! Some just solemnly wait for a few moments, hands doing Namaskar, some follow similar methods like Christians do it! Some touch each step by hand before walking up the next level. In extreme cases, some people crawl on all fours, up the steps! It is said to be done as a penance. (Penance for what?) Rhea’s favourite is to watch meshes on the gutters inside the Mandir complex and ask me questions on the same!

Once people enter the Mandir, there are again different ways each pays his/her obeisance to Him. Some perform a standing Namaskar; some perform Namaskar entirely lying down on the ground. Some enter the Sanctum Sanctorum; some don’t. Some perform their Pradakshina (Circumambulation), but all do it clockwise; some do it once, some twice, some many times! Some do it slowly; some do it fast. Some are in a hurry to go out, and some sit in the Mandir for some time. Some sing a hymn during all this process. My understanding tells me that when you come to pay obeisance, you should spare some time for Him. He does not invite you to visit the Mandir. We visit for our own sake. If we do not spend some time, we may not be able to feel the tranquillity of the Mandir. If you visit the Mandir just as another daily chore, then one might as well not visit! Rushing through is against the basic concept of visiting the Mandir. A child has ideas clear about such things. Rhea does what she wants to do. On some days, she will say I don’t want to do Namaskar; she can do this because she is not afraid of Him! She is not worried about His reaction to her actions. He never reacts, anyway! It’s all in our minds.

Another 30 meters ahead is a Mandi. We stroll in that direction at our speed. There are vegetable, fruit & flower vendors, hawking their goods. Then there are small roadside food vendors who sell their stuff. For Rhea, it’s a great treat every day to see and touch so many different vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We repeat the same process of naming them and discussing their colours. She touches each one and gets the feel and expresses how she feels about it. Some vendors interact with her, some offer her fruit, and some just ignore us. One vendor is more curious than others; he started telling her the names of vegetables in English, so I said to him that English names are taught in school; hence I am teaching her Marathi names. Then he started asking me about school education in my time, whether I had my education in English or Marathi and so on. The same set of people but different curiosities and interactions!

Then suddenly I see a bit of commotion in the area. I find that Municipal Corporation  Van from the anti-encroachment drive has reached the Mandi. Some unauthorised vendors picked up their goods and put them in the zone of the authorised vendor’s area! So they are safe now. Some food vendors had no place to hide, so they lost their stuff to the van. Other equally unauthorised vendors continued their business as if nothing has happened! They had “settled” their issues beforehand. Then there is one Ice Cream vendor. He occupies almost 15 sq met area, including blocking of the footpath with his ware and chairs, bang in front of the mandir gate! Encroachment van makes sure that they do not even go near him. For them, that vendor does not exist! He is a well-connected politician. This unsavoury activity goes on right at the gate of the Mandir, but they know that God is in your mind, He does not exist! Jaihind! Amen!