Sorrrrry but what about my EGO!

I and my wife go every evening to drop off our grand-daughter to join a group of children who play, sing and have fun in general. The place has a small ground and a mandir. There are some benches kept on the premises, for people to enjoy their evening chit chat. Many senior citizens have their adda and discuss all the things in this world. It is a fun place.

There was a small incident yesterday. At the entrance, one of the young ladies, who drops of her child, parked her scooter in such a way that it caused inconvenience to people. A gentleman came and declared his displeasure at the inconvenience. The lady was around and the moment she realized her mistake, she said “Sir, I am really sorry, I sincerely apologize the inconvenience”! She removed the scooter and parked it properly. Matter ends!

No it does not end. Why? I used to think that saying Sorry is one of the tougher things in life, especially when you are young (though I personally do not have this problem) but I realized that some people find it even tougher to accept the apology gracefully!

Why the event did not end? The gentleman, instead of accepting the apology gracefully, kept on arguing “today you are saying sorry, tomorrow there will be someone else and so on”. What did this argument achieve? Nothing. The young lady kept on asking the gentleman, “Sir, first thing I did was to apologize and parked the scooter properly. Now what more do you want from me?” The same argument kept on going for some time. The gentleman really did not have anything worthwhile to argue but probably his ego came into picture.

Some senior ladies, who knew the young lady, came into picture. They kept on arguing the same thing with the gentleman but he just would not budge! The young lady got a bit emotional but through all this she kept her grace, always kept the respect for the senior person. Another five ten minutes of back and forth arguments, with no proverbial end of tunnel seen anywhere in the vicinity.

Then I called the young lady to come and sit by me on the bench. I explained to her that, even as early tomorrow morning, she will not remember this incident. She agreed but she was emotional and kept on saying the same thing. “When I apologized immediately why this gentleman keeps shouting at me?” Honestly I had no answer. But I explained to her that she had behaved gracefully and it showed her proper upbringing! Even under stress she kept due respect for the person all through his unreasonable behavior.I also explained to her that we see children behave and react differently to same situation. The same chidlren grow and become senior citizens. Some of them retain their childhood straits!

On the lighter side, had this happened in the wild west in the USA, 200 years back, there would have been a duel and one of them would be dead! I hear that Wild West is still exists in northern India! I have read of people being killed for lesser reasons!

Friends the jury is still out, let me know your say!