Why Blog? Why not….

Why blog? Why do you blog? When did you start blogging? These are the questions that come to mind or are often asked to me. Honestly I never considered myself a scholarly type or a serious type of guy who would churn out essays or now what we call as blogs. How did this journey start? My first blog “Random Thoughts” was the beginning of this journey. It consisted of my musings about the first ever cricket test match I saw in a stadium, way back in 1958/9. When I read that blog recently I could see that those were real “random” musings about cricket. My journey has been on and off, sometimes writing in quick succession and at other times nothing for a long period. Since I continue my professional work, sometimes I do not get time and sometimes the famous writer’s block comes into play. One probably picks up things during the life’s journey or things just kick in and you end up doing something new, in my case blogging!

How do I choose the subject on which I write? Most of the times, it is what I see in day to day life or what I read on the net or in magazines or newspapers and of course what I pick up during chats! I have great curiosity to try and understand details of everything. Any event I come across, I always have a question, WHY? Sometimes I see some good human interaction and I ask why all cannot behave in a nice way? Sometimes I see something very nasty and I have a question why this situation has become nasty? In most cases it is the ego that comes in the way; in one interaction I had mentioned in my old blogs about a situation in which a lady immediately accepted her mistake but the gentleman kept on shouting at her! Was it his ego? Was he unwell? Did he have a bad interaction with someone else before this situation? In another situation, some 2/3 year old kids were playing in a Mandir and a group of people who were chanting prayers, shouted at the kids to stop making noise! Little realizing that these children were God themselves! So much for Nirvana the group was trying to achieve.

Most of us generally forget that this a beautiful world and we are lucky to have intelligence and brains to enjoy the niceties, unlike other creatures on the earth. Forget the terrorism, religious fights, politics and such unavoidable aspects. These control overall situation in our society. But in our normal day to day life these aspects don’t play a major role; we need to show empathy for others, keep our egos aside and become a Luckhanavi of पेहले आप fame, “You first please”! Life will be much more pleasant.

Fifteen minutes back I was not even thinking in terms of the couple of paragraphs written above but when I am at it, things just come to my mind with a reasonably smooth flow. On some subjects, I ponder for a day or two or may be even more. But sometimes I am just through in an hour. Looks like writing blogs has reached the top three in list of my “Favourite Things”. I really enjoy writing; after writing, I mentally give marks to the blogs that I write. If the blog scores distinction then I am really happy! I am talking of marking system of our times, distinction, first class and so on.

I have almost never written anything with a time frame in mind; but my last blog “Women’s Day” was probably the first and hopefully the last one which was rushed because I wanted to publish it on the “Women’s Day”! I gave only First Class to that blog!

Another reason that I write now a days is the interaction that I have with people regarding the blogs. My blogs get around 120 to 140 hits in the ¾ days after the blog is published. Vijay Saheta, Pramod Ambekar and many others give their critical comments on a regular basis. This helps me in trying to improve further. There are many people who are not known to me but they follow my blog regularly, in fact they” follow” me. I am an absolute extrovert and I like these interactions because they give me further food for thought. After reading my blog “Women’s Day”, Dhananjay Joag wrote, “Pramod I agree with your blog because “Hero” is “0” without “Her”! Wow what an appropriate comment!

Sometimes a sentence or a thought just hits me. I am currently reading a book “WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR” by late Dr. Paul Kalanithi, a neuro surgeon who died very young, of cancer. My God! That title hit me so hard and there are a lot of thoughts coming to my mind. My mind is really churning. He wrote this book before he died! The title itself shows that man’s brilliance! I won’t be surprised if I write something based on the experience after completing the book. Another sentence from the same book that hit me is “When there is no place for scalpel, words are the only tools for the Doctors!” What a perfect way of expressing human contradictions that a surgeon has to face. Such thoughts and sentences start churning my brain and encourage me to write!

I read other people’s blogs too! Some are funny, some say so much in such a small space. Some are just overwhelming. So for me, journey of reading and blogging are like railway track, going parallel to each other all the time.  A couple of my favourite bloggers are Stuart M Perkins, Ratna Rajaih. They are brilliant. There is always something to pick up in every interaction, but I like to share my joy of reading these sayings. To give an example of what I wrote, Farokh Engineer Indian wicket keeper of yester years, put foot in his mouth in Pataudi Annual Lecture. He asked India’s premier spinner Ashwin, “How is that Karnataka producing top class spinners all the time like Prasanna, Chandrashekhar and you?” Ashwin is from the state of Tamilnadu. He replied with a straight face, “Not to bring in politics here! But some time back Karnataka did release some water from Cauvery River; probably I drank some of it”.

There are friends who encourage me to write the blogs. Once I shared a caricature on my Facebook page; my friend Dilip Panditrao liked the caricature but he also wrote, “Pramod, why don’t you write a blog on this subject?” I wrote the blog, “Yes both are right but sometimes one is more right!” I wrote a couple of blogs about my tough times a few years back, when I went through Cancer Treatment. These blogs were not meant to get sympathy but to let people know that getting any disease is no crime; and such diseases can be handled, of course you need to be lucky too, and we can come out of the tight corner and lead normal life.

Friends, I have written a series of blogs “Age with an Open Mind”. There I have written that we should keep our brain sharp. Writing blogs is one way for me to keep my brain sharp! I sometimes follow what I preach!!


Author: panvalkarpramod

I am an engineer by training and run my own business. I like to blog but do not yet get enough time.

One thought on “Why Blog? Why not….”

  1. Really, really very nice thoughts and blog. Your sentence ‘I have great curiosity to try and
    understand details of everything’ makes you write such wonderful short and sweet Blogs

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