Touch Base…

The term touch base is being used in many different contexts so I thought, “Why not touch base and see what it really means?” Dictionary meaning of touch base is “ to briefly make or renew contact with somebody” or “to talk to someone for a short time to find out how they are or what they think about something”.

In real life this term is used in many different ways. Many many moons back when I was in school, we used to play a game called Bhojjya (भोज्या). It was a form of hide and seek game where a guy would count ten, with eyes shut, others would hide. There was a designated place called (भोज्या), the game was to touch the base (भोज्या) before you were caught and shout भोज्या sssss! It was touching base, the game was evolved around the base and the idea was to Touch Base!

The term Touch Base must have evolved from Baseball. In baseball you have three bases and one home base. The team which touches the home base more number of times, after hitting the ball, wins the game. Human race evolved from wanderers when there was no base to touch, to today’s society which became stable, as it created a base. This “stable” state started getting hit as better and better travelling methods evolved. The wheel gave birth to vehicles with wheels and other methods; initially people were using horses to move away from base. 500 years back the Europeans started surfing the globe in their ships crossing the great oceans. In human race, there are people who are a little more adventurous than others. This group tends to migrate. Current high speed transportation and almost instant communication, has made migration even more easy, though right wing thought process has come back especially in the Caucasian dominated nations, trying to prevent migration. This will probably put some hindrances in migration process.

Human life cycle starts with birth, childhood, school/college days which is the initial phase. Second phase starts after education is completed and the work phase starts, along with creation of own family. Then there is Working phase and then there is retirement phase.

During the first phase especially preschool days, the child’s base is the mother. In fact mother is the whole world for the child. Touching base during this phase is very simple, look for your mummy.

Once the school starts the horizon widens and life is full of new attractions like books, sports and friends. Along with these come responsibilities like exams, studies. The base now broadens from mummy to the whole family and to an extent friends.

Post school, the horizon widens even more, we start getting more and more interested in other things like movies, professional learning and travel on our own. During this phase, adventurous type start migrating. Migration may be within country or to some other country. In this phase the base is our own town or place where parents live. In this initial phase of migration, touching base can be frequent or less, depending on the different situations. For some people the base is their native place where they were born and grew up in initial phase.

The “touching base” in different phases of life makes an interesting study. During every phase, emotion is the force that draws us to our base. As phases change, we learn to distribute these emotions amongst different people. As our life cycle moves through childhood to retirement, our bond with the base weakens as we get busier in our lives but in the retirement phase the bond again gets stronger. Why does this happen? This is where “going back to roots” thought process begins for most. Is it about merging back with the universe? We know the biological process of our birth & death but metaphorically we come from earth and go back earth and in death physically merge back with the earth. This thought process creates a strong emotion of going back to base, post retirement, as one visualizes golden period and ultimately death.

We used to have Cats as pets at our home. When they became older, one fine day they would just stop coming home. They would go away from “home” or the Base and die peacefully. But there was one Cat who was probably smartest of the lot. As this Cat grew old, it started staying more and more at home. Was the higher intelligence of the CAT, the cause of this different behavior? This indicated that the Cat wanted  to “Touch Base” one final time, a la Humans!

7 thoughts on “Touch Base…

  1. Your philosophical version of “Touch Base” is quite meaningful. Maybe it is “Dust to Dust” / “Earth to Earth” that drives us to remember the Base!

  2. Wonderfully worded in sim
    😉 तुमच्यासाठी काही खास आहे
    😁 पुन्हा एकदा क्लिक करा
    😘 प्लिज पुन्हा
    ✌🏻अजून एकदा प्लीज

    अजून एकदाच
    घाबरु नका…….
    जरा हसून परत क्लिक करा
    👏🏻 रागावलात काय?😀
    बघा लवकर
    अजून घाई करा…

    😬बस्स…पहा आता…



    💛 हार्दिक शुभेच्छा 💛

    In Advance. ….🌹🌹🌹pler way communicating
    Life cycle passing through various stages with changing touch bases till one gets nearer to active life and the touch base tend to retrace to those in early life.Marvelous peace of blog by Pramod.

  3. I feel panya must get his 36+ blogs condensed in to a hard copy at one place.He does have good skill of reducing thoughts to text.

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