Your Final Ledger with HIM!  

A couple of days back, on one of our WhatsApp groups, a friend sent a forward about death of a person who was described as industrialist, businessman, philanthropist and everything possible. Paeans of praise were being heaped upon the person. I knew about this person. I wanted to understand my friend’s views about this person hence I wrote, saying “I would like to know the business that person was in!” My friend did not reply for a couple of days. When I reminded him, he was angry and said a few things about me, in parliamentary correct language. In huff he left the group. Poor me! I was inconsolable! 

The departed soul had started his life with a small business in tobacco and beedies, his family business. Later on, he graduated in to creating new tobacco based product, to which people got addicted very swiftly. This product after many years was banned by the Government. He has a huge factory near Pune but there was not a single board indicating what they manufactured! Why was this so, I never understood. One should be proud the product that you are making or marketing! If you are not then… 

With this background you will realize why my friend was angry and upset! 

Another friend Mukund shared with me a couple of stories. His uncle was Jail in-charge. In childhood, Mukund would visit his uncle during school holidays. Uncle had servants working for him. His uncle said that servants were all convicts who were in jail for long term. His uncle found it convenient as he could use them for longer period. Practical solution! They were normal people who in fit of anger had done an act of killing or seriously injuring someone. In due course they were sentenced; most of them were remorseful and repenting of what they had done. But unfortunately, in HIS ledger the debit entry against their name was ahead of all credits.  

Mukund shared another story of a Don! This Don was in Robinhood mold and would help needy. But his main reason for being in jail was kidnapping, murder and so on. Now the question arose, is Robinhood act above what he has done?  

There are deeds which people do where they break the law; some acts are done which don’t break the law but are as bad or worse than the acts in which laws are broken. How should these people be judged? What we discussed about the industrialist is definitely a big deal and have to be dealt morally. If one’s products are known to cause cancer, that organization and person will not be condoned by HIM! Their ledger with HIM will be in negative, always, whatever good deeds are done by such people, with money earned from immoral activity. What good is a hospital built with such money?  

Another issue, that comes to mind is about people, like my friend, who are praising industrialist’s good deeds, and get angry when asked about his real deeds! What was the reason for my friend to get angry? Does it mean that people like my friend agree to the deeds of such people? Why do newspapers write only about the good deeds and not about the main deeds? Is it to make sure that their advertisement revenue stream does not get affected? Those whose streams were not affected, reported in details about the products manufactured by the industrialist and actions taken by Government, recently. Why give only selective information about the departed soul? Why hide the fact that he was heading the organization which manufactured controversial products?  What is the job of the press? To hide unpalatable and unsuitable stuff?  

To conclude, I will say that whatever we do in this world, we should try to do our best not to break laws of the land. System will handle you if you cross the line. Similarly, one should not break HIS laws, which in earth’s language, are called moral laws. In this case, HE will take handle you! HE has our ledger with him, is it not? Once you start breaking the moral laws, these laws cross path at some stage with the law of the land! So, you will be punished either on earth or in final resting place!  

4 thoughts on “Your Final Ledger with HIM!  

  1. I think I remember this case quite well. The public had asked several questions as to why he manufactured such known carcinogenic products to which his reply was ” I dont ask people to consume them” I cannot help it if people consume them”. The answer reveals a lot about the minds working. I think in the ultimate analysis it is the importance we give to the very basic tenets of Patanjalis Yama and Niyama laws. and how we interpret them for our guidance in life.

  2. प्रमोदच्या ब्लॉगच्या अनुषंगाने माझ्या मनात आलेले विचार मांडायचा प्रयत्न करतो.
    आज समाजात दिसणाऱ्या अनेक समाजविघातक प्रवृत्तीना आणि चालणाऱ्या धंद्याना समाजाचा सर्वात मोठा घटक असलेला सामान्य माणूस म्हणजे तुम्ही आम्हीच कारण असतो इतकच नव्हे तर आपण त्यांना वाढायला मदतच करत असतो असं मला प्रामाणिकपणे वाटतं.
    माणिकचंदच्या जाहिरातींनी नटलेल्या कार्यक्रमांवर आपण बहिष्कार का नाही घालंत? 30% extra oxygen अशी तद्दन खोटी जाहिरात असलेलं माणिकचंदचं mineral water ला गिऱ्हाईक का मिळतं?
    ज्यांच्या नावाने आपण कायम खडे फोडतो त्या फेरीवाल्यांकडून आपण माल का घेतो? फेरीवाल्यांविरुद्ध मधून मधून आपल्या राजकीय गरजेनुसार आंदोलनं करणारे राजकीय पक्ष त्याविरुद्ध जनआंदोलनं करताना का दिसत नाहीत. मला तर असं दिसतं कि फेरीवाल्यांना हुसकावून फुटपाथ साफ करणारी bmcची गाडी कधी जाते ह्याची वाट फेरीवाल्यांपेक्षाही त्यांची गिऱ्हाईकं अधिक उत्सुकतेने बघत असतात.
    गुटखासम्राटाना देवाघरी गेल्यावर जाब द्यावा लागेलंच असं म्हणणं मला भाबडेपणाचं वाटतं. त्यापेक्षा गावातले गुत्ते आणि दारूची दुकानं बंद करायला लावणाऱ्या ग्रामीण बायका मला अधिक प्रामाणिक आणि कृतिशील वाटतात.

  3. Final Ledger with Him!
    The (so called) Intelligent People create their Circumventing ways to justify their selfish Deeds. They are blind to Conscience. They forget that “He” resides in “Conscience”.
    His Ledger does not mean anything to this kind of People.

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