Journey back to 1967!

Mischievous introspection!


I am trying a different format of blog which I may repeat if both you folks and I find comfortable!

I thought why not ask a question to myself in the form of Vikram Vetal story! Vikram the King  is Pramod and Vetal, the spirit is replaced by new entity, “Internet Genie”! (called Genie)


Pramod somehow caught hold of Genie, managed to make Genie run at the high speed that was expected of him. Genie as usual started narrating a story. He started with a question, “If you go back to 1967 which branch of Engineering will you choose?” Pramod knew that if he uttered a word, Genie would slip out of his control and system will hang! So Pramod did not give any reply to the question asked.

As usual Genie kept on talking. Pramod, I know that your interest in academics was pretty low as you could not get time because of your interest in playing games, drama, movies, general chit chat and of course cards, Teen Patti. What else could you hostel guys do? You never wanted to challenge Vijay Ghate in academics so you kept yourself busy elsewhere. Then surprise of surprise to all, including your parents, you opted to do Masters right after Bachelor’s degree! Only select few knew the real reason! Jaya was in B. E. at that time and you wanted to hang around in Pune. Did you really like Metallurgy because of teachers like Dr. Satyanarayan, Bhat & Hingwe?

I know you used your Metallurgy knowledge for a decade but your interests were always on the commercial side of life! But why did you select Metallurgy? You will now tell me story that Metallurgy selected you. Had you selected Civil engineering you could have built big buildings, towers, malls and what not. You could have designed bridges like Limbya! You could have been involved in building expressways, Metro railways and so many different things!

If you had selected Mechanical engineering you could been in the heart of car making; you are anyway in car domain even today! You could have been involved in fancy stuff like Electric Vehicles! You could have enjoyed design of large equipment, rockets!

Selection of Electrical engineering would have given you bonus marks, initially, as Jaya’s dad was Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering! Besides this bonus, what other plus points could you have got? You would have probably finally understood two-way switch for staircase lighting. Difference between Motor and Generator would not have been mystery to you! The other day I went to see my friend Liladhar’s factory. I saw the products and was almost going say you are making lovely generators; luckily Liladhar said that they are making induction Motors for Siemens! Lucky me!

Now remains E & T/C. I know there is no way you would have taken that branch. If you had somehow handled Ghate, there was Kuber! It’s good that you did not take any chances as you would have been slaughtered. Besides that, your query about what is earthing would still have remained mystery to you!

Pramod was already fed up of Genie’s continuous blabbering and suddenly said, ” Do you know that when you take up Metallurgy, you get the license to do to anything in life other than Metallurgy!”

With this statement he broke the rule of silence that Genie had locked him in.  At that instant Genie slipped out of Pramod’s grasp, Genie’s speed became equivalent of 2 G and system hung!  Genie could not help but make a passing remark before escaping. “That is why Pramod, you ended up writing stupid blogs like this!”