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When I wrote the blog “Self-Development or Nirvana”, a friend Shrikant felt that I have over simplified Nirvana! He also said “My definition of modern Nirvana…….be balanced…be at peace….be happy…. be as good a person as you can possibly be….be … Continue reading

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Dance of Civilization!

We humans are creatures of habits. Especially small kids. Every day when I come back from office my grand-daughter  Rhea (all of two years old) is waiting for me to take her out. I live in a modern 11 story … Continue reading

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Half Century 50!!

Today I am on the threshold of becoming fifty! Those who know me personally must be wondering what has happened to this guy! He is much older but claims to be fifty, is this the start of dementia? Has this … Continue reading

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Myths of the Dance of Democracy!

India just finished general election for the year 2014. This election was “marketed” by TRP hungry media as Dance of Democracy! It was a Dance no doubts. Indian elections get analyzed in India by so-called experts in details same as … Continue reading

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Mother of All mothers!!

I read a comment by an Indian about noise pollution during Diwali!! I 100% agree that nobody really cares about the noise in India. I read this comment on Facebook. But based on that comment another person commented, “I hate every … Continue reading

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Heil Anna!!

Before you lynch me for the worst sin “Talking against Anna” let me tell you that I am very happy that we finally have someone who is talking against corruption and doing it persistently. I am not talking against Anna … Continue reading

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Anna’s Lokpal Bill

Anna wave or storm has hit India. At last something has started stirring people to think. I hope its effect is like a tsunami and it just throws aside or sinks corruption. But it is not as simple as that. … Continue reading

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