Human DNA!

The dictionary meaning of point of inflection is “A Moment of Dramatic Change”. This is what really happened in my life. This word is used in reference to organizations or Companies. But I thought that this can also be appropriately used in any person’s life.
Our life was in cruise mode with joyous arrival of Kittu, Jaya’s retirement and my work keeping me moderately busy. Previous year was pretty hectic with Priya’s marriage, her settling down in pregnancy, a hiccup in my health condition but this is the roller coaster drive that all of us have in our lives.
Around the time of Kittu’s arrival in October, I had a sore throat issue which was treated in the normal way such body conditions are handled. With various tests Doctors arrived at a conclusion that my left Vocal Cord had malignant growth.
This was definitely “Point of Inflection moment” in my life but honestly I was not overawed (Maybe because Prognosis was not so bad).” Why was my reaction this way?
My family’s reaction was plain and simple, “Lets Beat It!!”
Others had their own reactions.
Jay said, “Pramod we know you can overcome anything so this is just one more challenge in life.”
Makrand a doctor, when he met me, said that he would never have known that I was undergoing a treatment if I were not wearing a temporary gadget needed during treatment.
A close friend became very emotional and was more worried than me!
Some others were in a very somber mood and suggested almighty’s support.
In our day-to-day situations we do no really understand a person but tough situations truly reflects a person’s DNA. (Not the medical one)
How does a human being react to a situation? Why do persons react or behave in a very different way to a situation? What is it that makes a person or his DNA? Is it hereditary or surroundings? Or is it experiences that we get in life when we grow?
When one thinks of people’s reactions in tough situations, you really come to know how a person has experienced life. What he has gone through. A person’s DNA is made of life’s experiences, people one has met in life, the way his group, family or peers have been reacting to a situation.


Myths of the Dance of Democracy!

India just finished general election for the year 2014. This election was “marketed” by TRP hungry media as Dance of Democracy! It was a Dance no doubts.

Indian elections get analyzed in India by so-called experts in details same as the so-called share market experts! There have been so many theories to explain many things happening in the election. Some of them have almost become myths. Have those myths gone for a toss? Here are a few of them.

Biggest myth is that Indian politics and voting patterns are governed by vote banks, caste equations. This was supposedly happening all these years especially in Northern India. How do the experts explain the results from UP, the cauldron of caste politics. 73 out of 80 seats are taken by BJP+ ! Where is Mayawati’s power, Mulayam’s strength? Have they lost these supernatural powers overnight? Same Dalits, Muslims and so-called down trodden have they suddenly deserted their bosses and en mass and voted for BJP?

India is looking for criminal free, corruption free society is another myth. I think 35% plus newly elected MP’s have criminal background! Where is AAP? Four seats!! Even Congress with so many mistakes, frauds, scams managed 50 plus seats!! What happened to the euphoria of last year? Now no one including Anna Hazare are talking of Lokpal bill! Have they forgotten about it? I think main reason for last years euphoria was that there was a lame duck Government in Delhi which could take no action (or was afraid to do so) against the agitators who took law into their hands. It was more of a Governance issue.

Another myth is that so-called crusaders or strong candidates may lose election but with a reasonable fight. How do you explain loss of deposit for (32 Crore) Shazia Ilmi, Congress blue eyed boy Salman Khurshid, Vishwas in Amethi?

One very important point that needs to be pondered. Votes in Orissa for Patnaik due to decent policies is understandable. But how do you explain Mamta Banerjee and Jaylalitha winning so strongly! Andhra area is currently highly emotional due to split so it is understandable. But Bengal and Tamilnadu are they sitting in their own cocoon? Are they yet open to idea of India ? Friends please comment on this aspect which I am not able to understand.

Here is my take on myths. People may say anything about Congress Government and their governance. But during last 10/15 years because of mobile revolution, IT & TV revolution in India, tools were made available to people all over India, to really know what is going on in all parts of India rather than their own area. Their obvious conclusion was Congress was not good enough which reflected in the result. Probably same tools in people’s hand helped them take decision in favour of development rather that their caste! With no such tools available previously, people’s thoughts were restricted to their close vicinity and people used to think about their Biradari rather than thinking universally. This probably explains the changes that have happened. Salman Khurshid & Vishwas were probably punished for arrogance, Ilmi was thought of as an imposter!

I am sure more myths have got created in this election too! One of them could be “Now we have Modi the Superman!” Please let us not create such myths and then get disappointed later. This world is beautiful but it is also very tough and cruel. Managing India is no joke. Let us hope that the Indian economy which is that bottom at this stage, will only go up aided by good policies and governance. Let us not expect that suddenly everything will change. Give apro Narendra Bhai some time!!

Youth is too precious to be wasted on young people!

There is a saying “Youth is too precious to be wasted on young people”!! What does this mean? What is youth? Biologically, a general definition of youth can be, a person between ages 18 and 30! During this phase human being is generally physically at his/her fittest in the life cycle, mind is open to many and any new ideas. The person wants to try many things from very adventurous, which could sometime border on foolish or very risky. Adrenaline pumps so strongly in that phase, that the person will not think about consequences. We see that most of the serious achievements of persons happen in this age group. It could be thinking of creating Apple Computers by Steve Jobs, reaching athletic milestones, becoming a Sachin Tendulkar, new scientific discoveries and so on!

But if you see the number of such people is extremely small. All those who have achieved so much at such a young age were mature way beyond their biological age. This is probably the meaning of the title of this post. I feel there are so many advantages of youth (we can call them resources) that the young people generally may not have the wisdom, maturity, smartness to use them to the full potential. This can happen in work, in love or in managing an organization.

A matured, stable not so young a person can really enjoy the situation better than young ones! They can appreciate nuances better, they are like old wine!! Young person and matured persons will enjoy the same situation in a much different way. Youth may not understand why a certain situation has developed in a particular way due to less maturity. Just for example a matured person will nurse his drink where a young person will drink his drink! Do you get me?

Well friends give your take on this!

Random Thoughts

Why do the birds fly in a formation early morning and later in the evening?
How do they find their homes? Where are their homes?
Why do crying babies smile when they see their Moms? Then why these same babies, when they grow up, say “Ohhhhh, Mom!!! Comeon!!” when they see their mummies?
Why do ladies crossing the road turn their backs in the direction of traffic? ( I am not joking watch for yourself)
Why would the toll lane you enter will always be the slowest?
Why does buttered toast fall on the buttered side?
How does the mother cat know how many kittens are to be shifted?
Why is British pound costlier than US $? How Australian $ and US $ are on par?
Why black box on a plane NOT black?
Why US Green card is Pink?

So many such questions come to mind, please suggest your own list.

Where else can we be?

This is an experience shared by my dear friend Bal with me. Bal used to work for a steel plant in Eastern India. He is an excellent engineer with hands on style of working in those days. Once one goes up in pyramid the hands on style changes because there are so many more things to do.

Bal was in-charge of a particular plant; this plant handled some real tough work so naturally Bihari workmen were also rough and tough. On that particular day an alarm bell started ringing in the plant indicating some danger. Some years back there was a major disaster in the same plant, with deaths. The bell must have hit alarm bell ringing in people’s mind about the previous accident.

Bal who was in a meeting and like many others rushed down to the shop floor.

Steel Plant

The shop was huge and the problem area was on the opposite side of where Bal was standing. He made arrangements for people to vacate the area and requested for a group of volunteers to tackle the issue. The issue was major leakage of steam and some gases from that area. A team of four people was formed led of course by Bal! They started moving towards the problem area; Bal had made sure that ALL were evacuated from the plant considering the danger.

They reached the area and started analyzing the issue. It was a cramped area so checking issues was real tough as one had to scrape thru small gaps and so on. The team analyzed the issue in about half an hour and started taking action. Another half an hour later, by closing various valves and circuits the danger zone was shut off! Everybody gave a sigh of relief and turned to come out of the cramped area. To their surprise they found four strong workmen standing just behind them. Bal and his team had not noticed them in the heat of the moment.

He was both surprised and angry. He asked them why they had not followed his instructions of vacating the area? Their answer was simple. They said, Sir you had put yourself in such a big danger we thought it is our duty to be near you all the time. Bal asked them what were they going to do by being there? They said Sir it was simple. They said ” Where else could we be?” They had decided that in case there was a blast or something as had happened previously, they were going to form a human cover around Bal so that they would absorb the first shock of the blast!!

Friends draw your own conclusions about these rough and tough workers!! God bless there was no blast.

Human Mind!

I am sharing with you individual reactions to a critical health event in an individuals life. I will not make any comments on the statements made by individuals but will only share with you! If any of you friends have idea of why such reactions are different please share with me. How does human mind develop? Why the reactions are from very positive to very negative? Is it dependent on surroundings? Atmosphere at home? Friends? Experiences gained in life? How the life has treated you?

Person 1 – Let god help you in quick recovery! Basic tone of the e-mail, RIP!
Person 2 – How can a very clean person like you get this illness?
Person 3 – (A medical doctor)- No direct communication but informed others that unwell individual has very low immunity so please do not visit him. ( There was no such issue) Unwell individual’s family had informed others that because of hectic daily schedule (patient was being treated at home) all in the family were under terrific work load and related stress!
Person 4 – How could you fall sick?
Person 5 – When this friend came to the meet the patient in the recovery phase, ” Oh, you look almost normal; I thought…. you would be…
Person 6 – There is no question that you will overcome this; I know the type of fighter you are!
Person 7 – I was shocked and I was aghast!
Person 8 – I can’t imagine you giving rest to yourself ( of course Doctors are forcing you) but otherwise it is only another major event for you
Person 9- Couple of friends amongst each other on a successful project recently successfully completed by my friend’s team; why not lets get together and have our party. Ok he may not be able to attend so what!
Person 10 – Please let me know what I can do to support you!! Anything and everything, just name it! But not for next two weeks as I will be busy. Last two weeks I could not communicate with you as my doggy was puking intermittently!
Person 11 – He travels back from USA in the afternoon and next day 10 am he is there to meet his unwell friend in another city just to hold hands!!
Person 12 – He comes to meet and becomes extremely emotional! He is not known to be this type.

The list could go on but I thought I will share only some of the comments with you.

Have a great day!

AAP jaisa koi, Jindagi main aye!

The title of this musing is first line of a Hindi Movie song; it means if someone like you comes in my life, my life will be made! AAP now also has another meaning. It is an Indian political party that has risen very rapidly in a couple of years. ( This is for non-Indians) It is Aam Admi Party, party of/for common man! Common Man is now singing the same tune with a slightly different meaning. He feels that if AAP comes in power all will be well in India! All corruption will be washed away and collateral benefits (not damage) will be inflation will go down, common man will be much better off much faster and so on. This idea has caught up imagination with people like Rajeev Bajaj, Capt Gopinath and many have others have openly joined/liked the concept with lacs of common people.

Arvind Kejariwal the force behind this had done a terrific job of marketing and the idea is really grand. AAP

In his book Kejariwal has written

“Is democracy all about casting your vote once in five years and then letting these parties and their leaders rule the roost? This cannot be a democracy. There is something wrong somewhere. The basic problem in our country is that there is no democracy. We want democracy. The politics of voting once in five years is no longer acceptable. The people want a direct participation in power. The people shall take decisions, and politicians and officials will have to implement them.”

I will be the last person to praise our current democratic system especially after what we have seen in the last few days in parliament. We definitely need alternate methods of running democracy. But does this mean what happened for “49 days” run by AAP government in Delhi is right? There is an example mentioned that in Switzerland if 50000 people sign a petition and give to government, it can be converted into Law! We should not forget that most of the countries in the world are homogeneous in their demography. In India we have so much diverse and heterogeneous population, everything and anything can be tricky. What they do in Switzerland cannot be directly applied in India.

How proper direction can be given to this movement? Is this movement only North centric? I do not see so much support for it in other parts of India. What signals have gone to people with “49 days” government-run by AAP in Delhi? People feel that there is no difference in so-called old parties and THE party. How long will it take for our society to find “right way” of running democracy for India? How much churning will be required? Do people like Bharti help AAP cause? Just because someone was a TV anchor can he become Spokesperson for the party? Who should be driving this movement?

One thing is for sure all decisions cannot be taken by AAP way of democracy ie people’s’ democracy. I will give you an example. A young couple in Bengal were in love and wanted to get married. They were from different community. When villagers found this they took the girl away,”10/12 of them RAPED her”, then the couple was tied to a tree at night. Just to teach them lesson. Wow! What a lesson? Who will look forward to such TEACHERS? This was democratic justice from their point of view!!

How will India grow if people without knowledge start making allegations against Ambani and Moily? Again they are not Saints but those making allegations about Gas Production etc are also not experts. Ambani’s will overcome these things but will foreigners bother to invest in India with atmosphere?

AAP if they come in Power should do the following.

They should have a minister for allegations
They should also have a minister for street protests and so on
They can also have, if they think necessary, Finance Minster, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and so on

What I mean Prime Minister should NOT be in-charge of protests and Finance Minister should not in-charge making allegations against large businesses. All work should be done by respective experts! So why not Rajeev Bajaj for Prime Minster!

Then maybe I will also sing the tune “AAP jaisa koi, Jindagi main aye!” maybe daily!!