The fusion- the story of the birth of Art!  

Friends, do you want to see how art is born? It was born in public in front of everybody on our COEP WhatsApp group.

Today I went back 50 years to COEP hostel days! What took me 50 years back today? Today Pravin and Sonya, my hostel mates created fusion art. Sonya is a prolific painter, and Pravin has been doing song shows post-retirement. He has his troupe! Pravin of late has become a poet too! These two guys have come together. Pravin wrote a poem, and Sonya drew an appropriate painting. Pravin topped it with giving the tune to his poetry and sang it within an hour. Wow! What more do you want when you have close friends who are great artists too! We could literally see the birth of art in front of our eyes!


The link below takes you to Pravin’s rendition of the poem! If the link does not click, copy-paste into your browser.!Aq4ckSwupy2SmfN_D255tgEnl8n6gw?e=NoU8HJ

Now let me make a statement that older adults generally make! “In our days” or “In our times”, or some such thing! All of us were in our world and were the least bothered about the consequences in our college days! We were supposed to have come to COEP to take an engineering degree. We managed to get it finally, somehow, despite our best efforts otherwise. Engineering, as a subject taught us a lot of things. It showed the way to think practically and rationally. Logical thinking was another thing that we learnt during this course. But all this education was only a part of life skills. The remaining skill sets were acquired during the hostel stay.

What skill sets did we learn in the hostels about life? Everything. We played, chatted, fought, cheated and by dinner time or the breakfast the next day we were long lost friends again. Hostel life taught us how to live in a society or a group of people. We had Sharya, Nayan, Dada, Deepya, Rafya, Joseph, Jeram, Bhavya! The list is unending! We had some friends who were dedicated not to go to college.

We had Botya who became an encyclopedia of movies.  You heard a song, and he would tell the kundali of the film; the actors, producer, music director, lyricist, the actors on whom the song was picturised, and the general situation at the time of the song. Dear Botya, died early in 1994! We used to have music sessions going on in some rooms and card sessions in other places. We had friends, including yours truly, who would see on an average one movie every alternate day! Now, do you know how I have caught this frequency while publishing my blogs? We are traditionist! But those reaching the top in college exams and those who reached the top in life were different actors.


Colourful personalities Pravin and Sonya! With another friend Vilas at the centre!

Pravin, besides his singing, used to play cricket for the college. The video above is the song sung by Pravin during an intercollegiate competition, in which he won the second prize. He later was a project leader for a government company that manufactured submarines! Sonya came from a rural background and used to be shy initially. He simply merged into our C top gang. He ran a construction business!  (Successful, of course- it is taken for granted!) Sonya’s art below!

Hemya became MD of Tata Steel, Limbya (not from hostels) became a big shot in railway bridge design and is Pune Metro mentor. Abhya is a well-known consultant in Civil engineering stuff and a great photographer.  Deepya retired as a Colonel from the army!

600My journey to olden days will continue for some time. By writing this blog, I also wrote my thought process of how a blog is born in my mind. Some event, a meaningful poem, some sharp sentence from a movie or a book kick off grey cells in my mind. I started blog writing as a hobby- it continues to be so even today! But it has now become an elixir which invigorates my mind! I started writing blogs in 2011 but took to writing them sincerely for the last couple of years. Today my count tells me that I have completed 600 blogs- no big deal to me! I started to put the numbers while publishing, thanks to the suggestion by my dear friend Suresh; he is a writer in his own right and is also an expert in Metros!

What is so great about writing these blogs? Honestly nothing! In fact, one of my friends had once asked me, “Pramod, does anyone read your blogs?” Such sentences encourage me to write blogs. Here is the one based on his question.

For the last several years, Jaya and I have been travelling to different places. While chatting, two us mentally go back to those places and enjoy the memories. But blog writing takes me to where ever I want. My hostel days were a journey, and now we realise that we had observed many personalities developing in front of us. Many life-long friendships were born. Some became factory owners, and others became senior armed forces officers. Each of us was absorbing something from the system.

My blog writing is just an opportunity for me to talk to all of you. In today’s lingo, it is my Zoom call with all of you, every alternate day. I have found a bug in Zoom too! WhatsApp group has a facility where only the admin can post. Similarly, I have found a secret setting in Zoom where only I can talk! What’s new Pramod? That you have been doing all these years consistently! But I have kept the option for you to comment on what I write! I hope none of you will ask, “Hey, Pramod, does anyone read your Blogs?” The answer is Yes! Yes! And Yes! Love you guys!

Big Namaste to you SIX HUNDRED TIMES! Thank you so much!

I will share another full poem (it is slightly longish) by Pravin. I could never imagine that someone could write a poem on my blogging!

Poetry is defined as a literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity using distinctive style and rhythm. I felt that this definition aptly expresses what Pravin has done!

I am writing the gist of the poem, in English, for those who do not understand Marathi! He has beautifully captured my early morning publishing by talking of 4.41 am (that was the number of the blog that day). He has explained the topics I chose for the blogs. He ends up with a line- should the records only be broken by great cricketers Sachin and Lara!  Panya is my nickname among friends!

 रेकॉर्डस ! 

उठा उठा सगळेजण ४-४१ वाजलेत 

मित्र हो मला सांगा, 

‘वेक अप कॉल्स ‘ काय फक्त अलार्म क्लॉकनेच  द्यायचे? 

‘इंपल्सिव- कंपल्सिव ‘ असो वा असो ‘हॅपिनेसचं पीक’ 

मित्रहो, मला सांगा, 

आयुष्याचे ‘स्प्रेड शीट्स्’ आपणच नाही का भरायचे? 

‘कला’, ‘संस्कार’, ‘ओल्ड एज’ वरचे ब्लॉग्ज  वाचता वाचता 

मित्रहो, मला सांगा, 

कशा कशात म्हणून रमायचे? 

नवनवीन विषयांचे ब्लॉग्ज  ,भावनीक आशयांचे ब्लॉग्ज  , 

मित्रहो, मला सांगा, 

पान्याने नाही तर काय पाणिनी ने लिहायचे? 

चार शतकानंतर अजून खूप शतके गाठायचीत 

मित्रहो, मला सांगा, 

रेकॉर्डस काय फक्त सचिन – लारानेच करायचे? 

Aarey, Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?  It is a Latin phrase meaning “Where are you going?”, or more precisely, “Whither goest thou?” First, let me get the facts aside, then we will discuss it. Every metro system needs a yard to keep the trains, do repairs and maintenance, and to clean, etc. It is a technical requirement of the system. Currently, there is a significant dispute created by the so-called environmentalists! Aarey Colony has 450 thousand trees in the overall area, out of which the 2600 trees need to be cut for constructing the facility. I am not an expert in this field, but it is elementary maths that a minuscule number of trees are required to be chopped. Let the experts claim whatever they want to say, but it is no disaster.

If we consider the experts first, there will be some who are really knowledgeable persons; some have pseudo-knowledge. When there is chaos, politicians and celebrities are bound to jump in, especially as the Maharashtra state elections are only two weeks away. Politicians are supposed to be experts in every field anyway! Out of this group of people, some stay in new condos, and others live in older condos. My question to those living new condos is, was no tree cut to build the new condos? Did you complain to authorities and go to the courts to stop such projects? I am confident that in all new condos built surrounding the area of Aarey, more than 2600 trees must have been cut! Where were you, sir, at that time?

When a project of the importance like Metro, where costs are very high, every delay increases the cost of the project. All such projects are conceptualised by a large team of experts from every field, including environment experts. I am aware of the concept as it has been explained to me by my classmate Shashikant Limaye, who is a Mentor for the Pune Metro project. Then there are the green tribunal and the forest department. Permissions of all concerned departments are taken before environmental actions are taken! The beauty of the democracy (or the worst part?) is that in spite of following all the procedures, protestors can still go to court. These people went to various courts, and Mumbai high court finally gave a blanket clearance for cutting the trees.

While providing this verdict, Bombay High Court also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000/ on Shiv Sena Corporator Yashwant Jadhav, who had filed a plea against the tree authority’s approval to cut over 2,500 trees for the Metro project. Jadhav was a member of the tree authority.

Various questions came to my mind while reading about this episode! Do these “knowledgeable” people collectively understand the whole affair better? Some of them are experts in environmental aspects, but do they have the grasp of the overall project? The question is not only about the grasping, but there are many other aspects which you should know. I am giving the information provided by the BMC in the court about Carbon footprint.

Terracon aims to be India’s leading ecological solutions & natural resource management strategic consultancy firm. Its strengths include its technical knowledge and capabilities in the domain of ecology, botany, agriculture, and environmental science, as well as its deep understanding of today’s sustainability issues and the ability to design forward-thinking sustainability strategies.

The Terracon report was submitted to the BMC recently. It says, “Each metro trip will result in a reduction of 324 kg of carbon dioxide.

One hundred ninety-seven fully loaded metro trips will suffice to offset the annual increase in carbon emission of 63,953 kg from the removal of 2185 trees, which are proposed to be cut.”

It further states, “The Metro III operations would cover the annual carbon sequestration by 2702 trees within four days of operations and the lifetime carbon sequestration of 2702 trees in 80 days of operations.”

The people protesting against the chopping of trees are aware of these studies as these reports were submitted in the court! That is why my title, “Quo Vadis?” What do you want to achieve by the adamance? As soon as the Mumbai court gave the clearance, within a couple of days, trees must have been cut by the Metro team. Still, the protestors have now gone back to appeal to the Supreme Court. The court case is about the felling of trees not stopping the shed work. Now that most of the trees are chopped, why do you want to continue the fight? The usual issues of, we know the best and the Ego come into play. All government authorities, agencies, Environmental Companies and the whole list of experts are ignorant according to these people.

We are not even discussing the convenience of Mumbai’s travelling people, who have currently no choice but to be in the current train compartments as if they are packed Sardines. There is a proven statistic over the years that ten people die every day in railway accidents due to ever so increasing crowding in Mumbai trains. Three thousand six hundred fifty people dying every year are less important than the twenty-six hundred trees.

Years back, there was a similar issue in Pune about road widening. The Industry doyen S L Kirloskar had asked a simple question, “Are trees for us or we are for trees?”


Pune traffic during rush hours.

A similar problem is lingering Pune about a road on a hill, which will cause a tremendous change in pollution, for 20 years. Environmentalists are creating difficulties one after another. The courts have been very stringent about tree felling activity in general. They ensure that if ten trees are felled, anywhere between 60 to a hundred new ones are planted. Courts also make sure that these agencies ensure and report that at least 90% of the newly planted trees are surviving.  Pune Corporation agreed to plant ten times the number of trees chopped; the “anti-development” people make use of the slow court system to ensure that the project will get delayed as much as is possible. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles that need not come to an area called Nal Stop are forced to come there, causing traffic snarls, jams and massive pollution in that particular area. Only God knows what their agenda is! There are many cities or towns on and in the hills. San Fransisco is the prime example of a major city on the hills.

Such groups exist all over the world. Some are really doing good work but most cause nuisance and create trouble for projects like Metros, which are Carbon “positive.” The human race has created many systems during the last hundred years that have made our lives much more comfortable. But later on, humans understood that during this development phase, some significant mistakes had been made, for example, global warming, plastics, and so on. Governments of the world (except it seems the US Govt) have accepted that there is a problem. Nations are correcting these errors, but the process has just started.

In many cases, solutions are also known. For example, in one-time-use plastic items, large investments have been made; so these investors are naturally going to resist. Even they want to go away from such products; but it will take some time to achieve the goals. Human race especially should know! A human takes nine months to grow in the mother’s womb before it is born. Once the corrective action process takes momentum things will move fast.

These anti-development groups are doing one vital work. They ensure that others do not forget that ecological mistakes need to be corrected as fast as possible. But they should choose the right causes. Mumbai Metro is a Carbon positive project and is going to help millions of people like you and me due to reduced pollution, and ease of travel. Most important is that people in Mumbai can travel in Metro like humans and not cattle!

A few friends were having a cup of tea in Mumbai near Aarey! All were smoking! One of them says while releasing the smoke, “This tree felling is bad, it will add to CO2 in Mumbai!”

Friends, please protest, reminding everybody of the ecological devastation of the earth is definitely essential; but be practical and become “a support group for Ecologically friendly and positive projects”! Get blessings of Mumbai train travellers and not their curses!